The Beauty Products Sofie Pavitt Uses to the Last Drop

Photo: Sofie Pavitt

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Esthetician Sofie Pavitt is dedicated to clearing up her client’s acne. This is the case for her elaborate and unique facial offerings and an ingredient tracker on her website where you can plug in a product’s ingredients and see if there are any known pore-cloggers. Beyond this, Pavitt, who is originally from Wales and is currently based in NYC, does it to witness people’s confidence boost.

“I specialize in problematic skin — acne, perioral dermatitis, rosacea. Helping someone clear this is so satisfying,” she says.

Below, Pavitt details her wellness routines, skin-first, glowy beauty regimen, rest being her top priority for 2024, and more.


On her morning routine:

I have two small kids so mornings can be chaotic. I always start my day with 16 ounces of water. I call it my internal shower. I’m constantly running around so I find this massive dose of water in the morning helps. I then caffeinate myself. I bought myself an espresso machine last year and it changed my life. I always wash my face with the Sofie Pavitt Cleanser and follow with iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 40. If I’m filming, I’ll use the Dr. Jart BB Cream and some Tower 28 blush, and some KJH highlighter. I’m really into the Wonderskin Reveal Lip Stain if I have time to do it. For hair, I usually just scrape my hair into a bun. Mara Roszak is a friend who cut my bangs and blew them out to perfection. If I have time to blow my hair out, I love doing this, too.


On her evening routine:

I always wash my face as soon as I get home. I hate the feeling of makeup on my face. I play with products as I usually work with a brand or two to test things. I love using my Mandelic Clearing Serum every night to keep things illuminated. I also love more intense peels, once in a while, like the Flash Mask from Dr. Idriss or the Shani Darden Peel. I also love heavy moisturizers as I’m dry as a bone. I’ve been using Eighth Day Intensive Moisturizer in the cold and I love it on my dry skin. I’ve been trying out the Theraface device for the last few weeks and enjoy that, too.

The most indulgent thing I do is have a paraffin wax bath. I do up to eight facials in a day which can destroy your hands, due to all the hot water and actives. I get a tiny patch of dermatitis on the palm of my hand, which is insane because the skin there is typically so thick. It’s brutal. I moisturize my hands and put them in the paraffin bath as much as possible. This really helps seal and hydrate my skin. I have one in the studio, too.


On the beauty item that’s truly made a difference:

I have to say my Mandelic Clearing Serum is magic in a bottle. If you have acne, inflammation, or sensitivity, you still need to exfoliate. The problem is that most exfoliators are too strong and can cause further irritation. This large-molecule-size AHA is gentle and it’s buffered with panthenol and hyaluronic acid so it really is easy to use on really irritated skin types. I use it every day even in the dead of winter when it’s really dry and bleak outside. It keeps my skin clear, glowing, and hydrated.


On movement:

I lift heavy weights twice weekly with my trainers Mitch Winters and Jesse Diamond. These guys changed my body shape. I was 20 pounds heavier when I got pregnant the second time around and I was on bed rest for three months at the beginning of that pregnancy. I was so sick. I was really happy to get back to training and moving my body. I always say my kids are my cardio and then I get the weights in with my trainers. Self-care, for me, is meal-prepping for the week, working out with my trainer, getting to bed on time. So boring but it makes my life much more pleasant.


On rest

My 2024 resolution was to master the art of sleep. I’ve been sleep-deprived for almost six years with my two kids. I take magnesium every night, and I’m into the sleepy-girl mocktail tart cherry-juice thing that’s big on TikTok. Does it work? Who knows … but it tastes good. Rose LA does a deep-sleep edible that knocks me out and I sleep really well using those. I also find, as I’ve gotten older, drinking alcohol really ruins my sleep, so I really try to avoid it as much as possible. I love wine but it doesn’t love me very much.

Resting while not sleeping is also a new concept as I love to work. Doing nothing, getting off the phone, and spending time outside with my kids feels like rest. Even though anyone with boys knows it can actually physically hurt to play with them … they have so much energy.

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The Beauty Products Sofie Pavitt Uses to the Last Drop