Hottest Spring and Summer Trends We’re Craving

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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The recent weather has been fickle, and Mother Nature has been toying with our hopes for warmer weather and shorter sleeves. Still, it’s enough to start mentally parting with our wool sweaters and stockings and flirt with the opportunities that await us this spring. Spring is a time for reinvention and cleaning out the mental and physical clutter to make room for the new. And in our quest for style revitalization, we find ourselves drawn to mixing the playful style of spring with the leisurely aesthetic of summer.

Patterned dresses

If you’re looking for something reminiscent of early Y2K style (Disney Channel–character core), you could pair Silk Laundry’s 90S slip Lake Stripe dress atop light-wash jeans. Or if you’re looking for something sophisticated for walking across the cobblestone in the south of France, the Petra Dress or the Sunset Gown are great pieces for the occasion.

Midi skirts

Warmer days are ahead, and putting on thick jeans becomes a harder task every day. The midi skirt offers the lightweight comfort of less constriction to your legs and a softer silhouette. Not to be confused with the miniskirt, the midi skirt covers past your knee and offers you the versatility to be worn in and out of the office. As they become more mainstream, we’ve seen skirts like Collina Strada’s Blue Florist Midi Skirt paired with sneakers and Urban Outffiter’s Ryder Cargo Midi Skirt worn with heels for a night out.

Mule heels

It’s easy to picture Carrie Bradshaw — in a pair of Mahnolo’s and a minidress — walking down the street to disturbingly knock on the window of a fine-dining restaurant in New York City. That’s who we should channel this summer. Sam Eldman’s Brit kitten heel mule are a good option because, unlike Carrie, having a massive shoe collection with no savings isn’t ideal. Lately, kitten heels have been worn under wide-legged jeans so that they peak out of the hem ever so slightly. The UO Stacy Denim Kitten Mule Heel will complete a denim-on-denim look from head to toe.

Linen pants

Nothing says summer chic like walking across the beach wearing white linen pants. Inarguably, they’re the perfect beach cover-up and pair well with a billowy button-down. If you’re looking to step away from its traditional form, Issey Miyake’s Pleated Straight Leg Pants are a way to add texture to the lightweight fabric.

Lightweight short-sleeved collar tops

For the girls looking to escape the city but can’t travel to Europe, I offer you: country-club chic. Whether you’re on the court of the country club or took the Jitney to the Hamptons for the weekend, a lightweight short-sleeved collar top pairs well with just about anything. Boden’s Ribbed Pointelle collared tee adds texture and color to this uniformed look as an alternative to the standard white polo shirt.

A Flower As an Accessory

Or a seashell. If you’ve been eyeing the flower chokers on your “For You” page, the Urban Outfitter’s Velvet Rosette Choker Necklace should be the standout choice.

Hottest Spring and Summer Trends We’re Craving