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We Went Through 341 Pages of the Ssense Sale So You Don’t Have to

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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When I’m in the mood to shop (and of course I am on Cyber Monday), Ssense is usually my first stop. However, as safe of a space as it is, is a very big safe space that I don’t always know (or have the patience) to navigate. So ahead of Cyber Monday, I’ve spent hours on the site curating my own list of the best deals. And to get more bang for your buck, I’ve asked my co-workers, my fashion-editor friends, and the cool people I follow on social media to share what they’re shopping this sale season because I know they have been spending plenty of time on the site too. Get ready to take notes because these deals are almost too good.

From trench coats to ballet flats and everything in between, these are the absolute best Ssense Cyber Monday deals, according to fashion experts.

Best Ssense Sale Tops

Love it or hate it, the peplum resurgence is upon us and I’m so here for it! Unlike the 2010s, I think the peplum silhouettes we see now are a lot more elevated. I saw this Marques Almeida top earlier this year and I’ve waited for this exact moment to cop it on sale. I love the contrast from the cotton to the silk peplum, and I feel this is a top I can pair in a variety of ways. — India Roby, fashion writer at NYLON and freelance journalist

It’s Pleats Please. It’s cute. It’s on sale. Need I say more? — Jake Smith, commerce writer at Glamour

I’ve been staring at this top since the summer. The shape and structure feel so much like me but the price tag did not, so I’ll absolutely be buying it now that it’s finally on sale. — Asia Milia Ware, Fashion and Beauty Writer at The Cut

I’ve gone back and forth about if I wanted this in the shirt or the dress version (or if I even wanted it at all) since I’ve seen so many people wear it. But now that it’s on sale and it feels like the perfect print for Art Basel, I couldn’t resist adding it to my cart. — A.M.W.

There are so many basics I see often on Ssense that are perfect in my mind — from the intricate details to the shape. But I usually can’t fathom the price, so the sale is a great time to stock up on elevated basics like this top. — A.M.W.

I don’t think a year goes by where I’m not dreaming about a new Collina Strada piece. I adore how playful all her designs are and how sustainability is a top priority for her. And I know I’d wear this top to the ground. — Jazmine Rogers, content creator

I have an obsession with Yoshitomo Nara (I actually have one of his prints hanging in my apartment), so I was absolutely drooling over the Stella McCartney collaboration. I work a traditional nine-to-five job, so I love finding a chic button down that I can wear to the office, out to dinner with friends, or out to a bar. — Sophie Wood, content creator

I’ve been on the hunt for some good “going out” tops. I love the idea of pairing a sexy and sheer top like this Maryam Nassir Zadeh one with some oversized trousers and a sleek heel. — S.W.

Splurging on a Marine Serre base layer has been on my list of fashion to-dos for — I’m not even exaggerating here — three years. And now, thanks to this very doable SSENSE discount, now is finally the time I can cross it off my list. I plan to wear this black and white turtleneck under V-neck sweaters, layered under short-sleeve mini dresses, and on its own so the crescent moons can shine in all their glory. — Emma Childs, fashion features editor at Marie Claire

This is the Platonic ideal of the striped button-down shirt; it’s genderless, cool, and season-agnostic. I’m always impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of Our Legacy’s pieces, so I’m excited to see this one in person. — J.S.

Best Ssense Sale Bottoms

I’ll reach for this hybrid design when I want the formality of a skirt but the comfort (and warmth) of pants. — Hanna Flanagan, shopping editor at The Cut

The perfect long shorts. — Joanna Nikas, deputy style editor at The Cut

Loose-fitting denim with the texture of leather pants? Sign me up. — H.F.

I stand by every single thing I own from Miaou and this midi skirt has been on my wishlist for a while. I love the belted details and think this would be so cute for the winter. — Brooke LaMantia

I’ve been contemplating what my first ShuShuTong purchase would be for a while now and I always return to this skirt. I love the bow adornment at the waist, and couple with the jewels and slits, it just makes for something I need in my closet ASAP. I could see myself wearing this with the peplum top above if (when) I buy it! — I.R.

Best Ssense Sale Knits & Outwear

I own a variation of this puffer in white camo and it’s the best winter jacket in my rotation: stylish, unfussy, and genuinely very warm. I’m considering adding another one to my collection, this time in an on-trend shade of butter that’ll pair nicely with the black and gray trousers I wear almost exclusively during winter. — J.S.

I’m always looking for a leather coat with a tie, and this one works great. — J.N.

Ssense’s sale is my favorite time to purchase new statement coats. The juxtaposition of the colors on this shearling coat scream fall in New York. — A.M.W.

I love discovering new brands on Ssense. Last sale I found Lado Bokuchava and ordered a cutout blazer that I love. Now, this one is on my wishlist. — A.M.W.

I find that most cardigans on the market are too tight and constricting on my broad shoulders, so this oversized one immediately caught my eye. It can easily be dressed up or down, and the dropped shoulders look so effortlessly cool. — H.F.

I want to be a Ganni girl and I’ve been eyeing this pink cardigan because it seems like an easy and affordable way into the world. — Aiyana Ishmael, associate editor at Teen Vogue

Best Ssense Sale Shoes

These gold Simone Rocha ballet flats, which I recently recommended in my newsletter, are now on sale. I get so many compliments when I wear them; they seem to not only cheer me up, but others as well. — Emilia Petrarca, former senior fashion writer for The Cut and freelance writer who authors the Shop Rat newsletter

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a pair of moto boots ever since I saw the style reappear in Miu Miu’s Fall 2022 collection. Made of thick, distressed leather, and lined with metal hardware, this moto boot creates the perfect grunge look for chiller weather months. — Angela Wei, freelance fashion writer

I’ve been eyeing sneaker heels for the past few years but I’ve been specifically wanting a pair from Ancunta Sarca. I’m a huge fan of upcycled designs and hers always look so fresh and fierce. Like I’d be such a *sustainable* baddie in them Pink Olympia Heels. — J.R.

I’m due for a new pair of black boots, and these from By Far have my heart — from the curved heel to the sleek pointed toe. — H.F.

Like The Row ones, but better. — J.N.

A great flat, now on sale. — J.N.

I am obsessed with these and will be purchasing them. No further statement needed. — B.L.

These slingback tabi heels have been on my list forever. They’re usually sold out in my size —and when they’re not, I’m broke (lol) — so I haven’t gotten my hands on them just yet but they’re top of mind. — A.I.

Best Ssense Sale Accessories

I have been dying for a Marge Sherwood bag, and I love how big and functional this one is. Reminds me of something the Olsen twins or Kendall Jenner would wear. — S.W.

I’m very into single ear cuffs lately and have been eyeing this one for a while. — J.N.

This belt strikes the perfect happy medium between simple and versatile but still fashion-forward and interesting to look at. — H.F.

I already have a pair of Lexxola sunnies and love them so much. They work with every outfit, are super-durable, and though I hate dark tints on my glasses, these are light enough for me to wear but not so light that I feel like my eyeballs are peeking through. — B.L.

I like to buy jewelry on sale because it’s pretty low risk (if you take measurements). I think these Panconesi earrings would look nice with my curls. — E.P.

Not sure if/when this will go on sale, but this “destroyed” Vaquera purse cracks me up. — E.P.

Finding a handbag for work that is both fashionable and functional can be a bit tricky; luckily, this Luar bag comes in a unique, abstract silhouette and is also roomy enough to hold a laptop. — A.W.

The link bags from cool kid brand SC103 are finally on sale. — J.N.

I promised myself no more bows. I have bow barrettes, bags adorned with bows, tee shirts with bows where the boobs should be — far too many bows than one girl could ever need. But then I saw these adorable silver-tone bow stud earrings by Shushu/Tong and thought, “What’s the harm in a few more?” I have a strong feeling these will become my new live-in pair for some much-needed daily, dainty, and unapologetically girly fun. — E.C.

Best Ssense Sale Home Deals

I swear by diffusers (just ask my roomie) and especially love when they blend into the decor. — B.L.

Even though I moved six months ago, I’m obviously still decorating. A cute door mat is on my “to buy” list and this checks all the boxes. — B.L.

I’m looking to round out my mug collection with one-of-a-kind pieces, and this green bump mug is right up my alley. — B.L.

I actually didn’t think it was possible for Sottsass-designed Alessi to go on sale, but here we are. My kitchen could use a little more personality, and I love that this grinder has a point of view without skewing too Memphis (or avant-basic). — J.S.

I just moved into a new home, so naturally I’ve been dreaming about all the new home decor I want. My friend Rachelle is an indigenous Canadian artist who makes fun and playful home decor pieces and this green flubber glass has been living in my mind rent free. — J.R.

We Went Through 341 Pages of the Ssense Sale for You