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20 of the Best Strapless Bras You Can Buy

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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There’s nothing worse than spending money on a strapless bra that slides down all day or cuts into your skin, especially if you have a larger cup size or need one that is backless. You can pretty much forget about buying a strapless bra at random — this is a purchase that requires real research.

To find the best strapless bras for all cup sizes, we scoured the internet, reading tons of reviews with an eye toward support and fit, and talked to the experts. From demi cup to longline to bandeau, scroll ahead for 20 options to buy now.


Are all strapless bras the same?

No. From backless options to different cuts and cup sizes, there are a handful of factors that play into your decision on what strapless bra to get. However, there are a few important aspects to a strapless bra. “Good support is crucial for a strapless bra to stay in place and provide the necessary lift and shaping,” explains Cami Raymond, senior design director for Ruby Ribbon. “Strapless bras are designed to provide support without the use of shoulder straps and typically have a wider band and include features like silicone or rubber grippers to help keep the bra in place. A well-fitting, comfortable strapless bra can make a significant difference in how your clothes look and feel.”

Do you measure your bra size the same as a regular bra?

Yes, you should. Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s co-founder and chief creative officer, shares however that bands tend to run a bit tighter in strapless bras to provide extra support. “If you do not want the band to be as snug, you can size up one band for a little more room. If you’re seeking more support, I would stick with your current size,” she says. A tip from Raymond when it comes to finding your cup size? “Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. The difference between the two measurements determines your cup size (for example, one inch, A cup; two inches, B cup; three inches, C cup; four inches, D cup; five inches, DD or E cup; and so on).” Remember that sizing can vary when it comes to strapless bras, so always consult the brand’s size chart if they have one, and feel free to order a size different than your typical size.

The Amazon Favorite

Sizes: 32B - 42E | Materials: Polyamide and spandex | Colors: 33 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

Pretty much every review for this bra mentions the lack of padding – in a good way. Instead of over-the-top cushioning, it’s lined with soft cotton. It comes in a pretty jacquard pattern and has anti-slip silicone strips at the top and bottom to make it stay put all day.

The Best No-Slip Under $30 Bra

Lilyette Bra
From $18
From $18

Sizes: 34C - 40DD | Materials: Nylon and Elastane | Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

It’s hard to find strapless bras that are both highly-recommended and super affordable. But this one has a comfortable lining, a stretchy underwire panel to provide more natural support, and a low-profile shape that clothes glide over smoothly. Plus, the cups come in a range of sizes. No wonder it has so many fans.

The Best Non-Push Up Bra

Sizes: 30D - 44G | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 4 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

Editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples recalls her days on shoots and red carpets, saying, “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen this in a stylist’s prop kit.” It also has over 1,900 reviews from buyers on Nordstrom calling it simply “the best strapless bra.”

The Mesh Bra

From $24
From $24

Sizes: 32A - 36D | Materials: Nylon, spandex, and metallic | Colors: 4 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

If you’re looking for something that’s on the sexier side but still functions well, this DKNY underwire is a favorite. Reviews say it’s “comfortable, convertible, and sexy.”

The Most Supportive Bra


Sizes: 32C - 38D | Materials: Nylon and elastane | Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

This uses the same elastic you’ll find in most Spanx products — the kind that really sucks in everything and keeps it tight. It’s best for A and B cup sizes who want support.

The Best Plunge Bra

Sizes: A - D | Materials: Nylon, spandex, and metallic | Colors: 1 | Clasp: Silicone adhesive, removable straps

If you’re wearing a low-cut top or dress that’s also strapless, this handy number will give you a slight lift without any straps. It adheres to the skin with silicone adhesive.

The Best Back Support Bra


Sizes: 36C - 50DDD | Materials: Nylon, spandex, microfiber, and lace | Colors: 5 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

Nearly every review of this bra starts with someone saying “I bought this with low expectations” or “I’m always supremely skeptical of strapless bras,” but even the toughest skeptics wind up converted because it’s just. so. comfortable. It comes in a wide size range and unlike many strapless options, it has a flirty lace trim.

The Best Bustier

On Gossamer Bustier

Sizes: 32B - 36DD | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 1 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

If you want a little more support, consider a bustier. This one has removable straps that you can adjust for any tricky neckline and offers some extra support to your midriff if you want that body-hugging feel.

The Best Push-Up Bra

Sizes: 38C - 44H | Materials: Nylon and Lycra spandex | Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

It’s no surprise that this bra is a favorite on Nordstrom, since it comes in almost 30 sizes from C–H and seamlessly contours no matter your chest size.

The Bra That Shapes Your Cleavage

Sizes: 32A - 44E | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

ThirdLove tested their 24/7 strapless bra for years. Their motto: “When the straps come off, the true test of a bra is whether it stays up.” The cups come in half- and whole-cup sizes (the only strapless to come in half sizes, Cohen reminds us) for the perfect fit, and the smooth jersey fabric stays durable no matter how many times you wash and dry it. The bra prides itself on comfort and Cohen says it “even has a tagless soft closure, so you’ll never have itchy tags.”

The Best Everyday Bra

Sizes: 30A - 44H | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 19 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

This balconette bra is just as comfy as it is pretty. Made with mesh cups, it’s perfect for sticky summer days when you want to feel light, but the double lining allows for the coverage to remain on point, no matter your size.

The Lifting Bra

Sizes: 32A - 38D | Materials: Nylon and elastane | Colors: 3 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

Designed for a snug fit, this bra lifts your chest and keeps it in that place for hours on end. One reviewer said, “The seamless design allowed for a discreet appearance under clothing, and the quality materials used felt soft against the skin.”

The Backless Bra that Pushes You Up

Sizes: B - H | Materials: Polyester and spandex | Colors: 1 | Clasp: Silicone adhesive

Even if this only comes in one shade, its ability to lift your chest (no matter the size) makes up for it. Featuring unwired, traditional molded cups, this backless bra has adhesive side tabs that are sticky enough to hold you up but not too sticky that you can’t get it off at the end of the day.

The Best Bra for Small Busts

Sizes: 30AA - 42A | Materials: Polyester and elastane | Colors: 10 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

Say goodbye to awkward gaps with this strapless bra from Pepper. Featuring lightly lined cups that smooth and lift, this is the bra for any A cups out there.

The Backless Bestseller

Sizes: A - E | Materials: Polyester and polyurethane foam | Colors: 12 | Clasp: Silicone adhesive

Don’t let a complicated dress keep you from wearing it with ease, especially when you have a backless bra that both sticks and lifts wonderfully. Reviewers also write that it retains its hold even if you’re sweaty, which isn’t always the case for sticky and backless bras.

The Best Bandeau

Sizes: S - XXL | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 10 | Clasp: Pull on

If you want an easy strapless option consider this silky soft bandeau. Thicker than a traditional bra, this is great for tube tops and other strapless options that feature a back.

The Bra With the Best Color Range

Sizes: 30A - 46F | Materials: Polyamide and elastane | Colors: 11 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

This is fashion and beauty writer Asia Milia Ware’s go-to strapless bra. It’s soft and fits close to the skin with minimal padding, and the underwire is snug but doesn’t dig into your skin. As for the size and color range, it’s ultrainclusive. Good job on this one, Kim.

The Best Wireless Bra

Sizes: 32A - 38DDD | Materials: Nylon and spandex | Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

You can still find a good bra without the underwire. Featuring a back-clasp and silicone grips at the bottom, these lightly lined foam cups provide medium coverage and maximum support.

The Best Lacy Bra for Special Occasions

Sizes: 34B - 40C | Materials: Lace, polyamide, and elastane| Colors: 2 | Clasp: Hook and eye, removable straps

A strapless bra that can double as gorgeous lingerie is a must-have in so many NYC closets where space is at a minimum. Featuring removable straps, this unpadded lace balconette can easily hide under dresses and strappy tops but still features a silicone band and side boning so it stays up for anything.

The Elevated Bandeau

Sizes: XS - L | Materials: Polyamide and elastane| Colors: 2 | Clasp: Pull on

Take a bandeau and make it extra classy. Also perfect for anything with a sweetheart neckline that you want to adhere to throughout the night.

20 of the Best Strapless Bras You Can Buy