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How This Stylist Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Tina Leung

Even if you don’t know Tina Leung, you’ve definitely seen Tina Leung. The stylist and writer has frequented enough “best street style” slideshows in the past years to rival even the most sought-after celebrities. But though she’s spent a considerable amount of time in the front row and in front of photographers, Leung admits that she’s not “hung up” on a skin-care routine or “being too strict or too precious with things.” She says, “I’ve never really had a routine and am still not so great with having one now, but I’m trying!”

The inspiration to attempt a dedicated skin-care routine happened only after a visit to facialist Georgia Louise. “I loved how my skin felt,” she remembers. “I asked my facialist to figure out a routine for me. That lasted for as long as the products lasted, then I swapped to whatever I had in my bathroom next.” Among them: Barbara Sturm, Environ, and Biologique Recherche.

Mainly, Leung wants her routine to be “super hydrating” because “I have really dry skin, in part because I don’t like drinking water.” She’s also concerned about fine lines and dull skin. Below, a look into her current, ultra-hydrating routine to make up for not hydrating.

The Double Cleanse

“You can find it in any drugstore. It does what it says, and it’s as simple as that. I use these, as opposed to a liquid remover, because I’m lazy!!”

“This really gets everything off, yet it’s soft and sensitive enough that I don’t feel like I’m scratching my face. I don’t usually double cleanse. I use the cleansing towelettes if I’m rushed for time and not in the bath or shower. I usually use this enzyme cleanser only when I’m in the shower or bath. I did it especially for you guys in the video!”

The Toner

“I like to spritz this on whenever I need a pick-me-up and also right after washing my face as my first step in my routine. It smells so refreshing and makes your face tingle and feel alive!”

The Serums

“I’ve been using Barbara’s line for almost a year now, and I love absolutely every thing, and I adore Barbara herself. Barbara is beautiful, intelligent, sweet (texting me ‘I miss you’ out of the blue) and real. Every product is soft and gentle, but effective. I also use the blood face cream — Barbara takes your blood and uses that to create a cream just for you, using the healing properties in your blood. I don’t really know the science behind it, but it works. The hyaluronic acid is always, always in my routine. I use it like water. My skin is instantly hydrated. So much so that I forget to put cream on afterward. ”

“I’m not very precious with my skin because I slather things on. Some days if I’m traveling, and I forget my toiletries, I even use the hotel’s body lotion for my face. It might not feel the greatest, but whatever. I do use anti-aging products though because I’m seeing fine lines on my forehead and my neck, which I detest.”

“I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this product, but for me, after starting to use this once a day every other day at the beginning, my skin was markedly brighter and my pores were smaller. It is strong, and it does smell. My skin was a little red when I first started to use it, but I just kept at it and, boom, like a gray cloud just passed and now all there is is sunshine! I use this when I feel my skin starting to look a little dull. And when I finish a bottle, I rest a little while or wait until I feel I need it again before using it. Honestly, the P50 is the single product I’ve seen the most difference in my skin. I use it right after cleansing, like a toner.

When I get my massages and facials at Biologique Recherche, they always say to use cold water, but cold water in the winter is really cold so I use warm water even though that doesn’t suck in your face like cold water does.”

“This bottle of goodness has tons of vitamins and antioxidants. I can just hear my skin slurping away when I use this. I’ve just finished a bottle and need to get my hands on another. I use this only on certain days when I feel my skin is a little dull and needs a bit of brightening.”

The Lip Balm

“I use this for my lips all the time. My lips are always dry because again, I don’t really like to drink water.”

The Moisturizer

“Growing up, I always remembered seeing the white and green Valmont jars and bottles on my parents bathroom shelves and never thought I’d be using Valmont myself. I adore Valmont and the collagen sheet mask is the bomb. My face glows afterward, it’s plumper, and my lines are less pronounced. I’ve also been using the Prime Renewing Pack on and off for years depending on how my skin feels.

At the moment though, I’m trying out the Valmont V Line Lifting range, the concentrate and the — I also have the eye cream, but I’m so bad/lazy, I use the face cream for the eyes too! This line is said to help fine lines and wrinkles, so let’s see how this goes!”

The Sunscreens

“My favorite sunscreen of all is Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops SPF 50 because it’s so light. I can’t say enough good things about the Sun Drops. It’s a sunscreen [and] comes in a glass vial with a dropper. I use one full dropper for my face, neck and back of hands. The product is soft, not sticky, and doesn’t leave that white ghostly sheen on your face. ”

“I like to mix this with the Sun Drops if it’s in the morning and I’m about to head out or I add it to foundation (I use Dior) if I need more coverage makeup-wise. It gives me a sunny, bronzed glow whilst protecting my skin from pollution and other free radicals.”

How This Stylist Gets Her Skin So Good