These Nepo Babies Went Through Navy SEAL Training to Survive NYC

Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

In the latest installment of “nepo babies requiring excessive resources to prepare for normal activities,” Sylvester Stallone apparently hired Navy SEALs to prepare his daughters for their move to New York.

In an interview with the New York Post published on Saturday, Stallone’s daughters Sistine, 25, and Sophia, 27, said their dad insisted on having them trained in self-defense Rocky-style before allowing them to make the leap from Los Angeles to city life. They’ve now lived in New York for a year and have not yet been bested by vermin. Thank God for SEALs!

“It was the hardest. It was about six hours we were in those woods,” Sistine said. “Sophia and I got our asses whooped by these guys. They were the real deal. And I’m not surprised my dad put us through something like this because our entire life we grew up with him doing these sort of military-esque, self-defense trainings.”

Scarlet, a 21-year-old junior in college and the youngest of the siblings, said she did not have to go through the Navy SEAL training because she lives in Miami, which 77-year-old Stallone seems to think is a much safer place with far fewer rats. “I was so happy I was not involved,” she said.

This is all just a tad dramatic considering Sophia and Sistine probably live in the West Village in a doorman building, and I really don’t see why Stallone couldn’t have shipped them off with personal bodyguards to take down potential assailants (again, rats). Anyway, best of luck to everyone braving the city and all those braving over-protective dads, too!

These Nepo Babies Needed Navy SEAL Training to Survive NYC