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How This Stylist Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Dianne Garcia

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Dianne Garcia, the stylist behind SZA, Ella Mai, and Kendrick Lamar, gets a lot of pleasure out of her skin-care routine. Still, she’s pared it down to the necessities “so that it is maintainable on a day-to-day basis.” Yes, it’s seven steps, but it takes her less than three minutes to complete it from start to end.

Garcia’s skin is particularly prone to congestion, so she looks for the “right” oils that will both hydrate and give her skin a dewy finish without clogging her pores. When it comes to her cleanser, she’s found that sometimes brand names just can’t compete with drugstore staples. “Finding a face wash that doesn’t dry me out was the most important thing for me,” she says. “Cerave works best. You can find it at any drug store.”

Scroll down for a look at the face mask she uses in between peels, the facial oil she relies on for dewy skin, and her go-to serum.

The Cleanser

“My face is incredibly dry, and this is the only cleanser I’ve found that doesn’t dry it out more. You can buy it at CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, anywhere. It doesn’t have any foaming agents, and the ceramides and hyaluronic acid help with retaining moisture. It is essential.”

The Serum

“It has retinol in it and helps with anti-aging. I started using it about six months ago and haven’t noticed any peeling.”

The Moisturizer

“My skin has the tendency to clog up, and this is a really good, light moisturizer that I use day and night on my skin. I can layer in other products and it doesn’t feel too heavy. I discovered this from my dermatologist. I told her my skin condition and she recommended it last summer. My pores have been significantly clearer since. I used to get white heads on my nose, but they’re almost non-existent now.”

The Face Oil

“This super light facial oil smells amazing — like an earthy floral — so I apply a thin layer over the serum and moisturizer. I put it over my moisturizer because I like using it as the last layer before applying my foundation. It helps my foundation go on a lot smoother for easier application. It hydrates and gives me a dewy look when I apply makeup over it. It’s my favorite at the moment.”

The Lip Balm

“Nobody likes dry lips, and I cannot live without my lip balm. I used to use Carmex and Blistex, but I feel like they just kept drying out my lips. It also has a bit of a shine to it. As someone who doesn’t really wear any lipstick or lip gloss, this is kind of a nice way of adding shine to my lips while moisturizing them.”

The Mist

“I finish off my routine with this great smelling, lightweight facial spray. It smells like healthy blend of an essential oil and water, which I think is what it is. For me, it’s literally a mental thing. I feel like the mist and its scent finishes off my routine, leaving me feeling refreshed and ready for bed. It’s aromatherapy in a way.”

The Face Mask

“On top of keeping my skin balanced with the right face wash and moisturizer, I usually do a light chemical peel when the season changes. In between peels, I use gentle resurfacing products such as the Herbivore Blue Tanzy mask. It keeps my pores clear without over-exfoliating. I use this mask once a week or so. Resurfacing is vital for helping clear up my dry skin. It keeps my skin texture smooth, my pores clear, and helps with keeping the flakes away, which makes me feel more moisturized. Anything more aggressive than this mask will make the flakes worse, but I find this mask to have the perfect balance so I can use it weekly. As a plus, it smells amazing, somewhat fruity. I love all of [Herbivore’s] products.”

How This Stylist Gets Her Skin So Good