I’m Worried About Taylor and Travis’s Internal Clocks

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce love to travel. After months of flying back and forth to Kansas City during his football season, she famously zipped from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch him win the Super Bowl. And in turn, he has hitched plenty of rides on her private jet to join her on tour in Australia and Singapore. While a lot of people have expressed ire about the environmental impact of all this jet-setting, I also have another concern: How the hell are Taylor and Travis still awake? In the past month, they’ve been in at least four time zones, and by all appearances they have not stopped performing, partying, or visiting zoos. Surely their internal clocks are on the brink of extinction?

On Sunday night, less than 48 hours after Swift wrapped up the last of six shows in Singapore , the couple reportedly surfaced in L.A. at Gucci’s Oscars after-party. According to People, they joined Billie Eilish, Cillian Murphy, Austin Butler, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, at the home of talent manager Guy Oseary, who was hosting. There were no cameras allowed inside, but an eyewitness apparently saw them hanging out on the patio, “loving the night.” Their vibe was also described as “delightful” and “glowing,” and they were said to be “in great moods.”

My question is: how? Singapore is 15 hours ahead of L.A., which gives them some wiggle room timewise, but traveling halfway around the world seems like something you’d need a few days to recover from. Somebody please get this couple a sleepy-girl mocktail.

I’m Worried About Taylor and Travis’s Internal Clocks