What Will Taylor and Travis Do for Valentine’s Day?

Photo: Erick W. Rasco/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

Travis Kelce just won his third Super Bowl. Taylor Swift is re-embarking on her record-breaking world tour, with a new album on the way. What can’t these two do? It turns out the answer might be: Spend Valentine’s Day together.

Yes, it appears that these two lovebirds will have to spend their first Valentine’s Day apart. How tragic. First, Travis had to be in Kansas City on Wednesday for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. You’d think that maybe Taylor could meet up with him there, but Kansas City seemingly told the singer not to come see her man be fêted by his city.

“I can’t confirm or deny but we might have already told that to her team, just to keep everybody safe and make things a little bit easier for us,” city manager Brian Platt said to KCUR. Understandable: The city is already going to be chaotic, adding Taylor Swift into the mix wouldn’t make anyone’s life easier.

But surely she could just wait at Travis’s house for him to come home? Maybe she could bake some cookies or something and they could stay in and watch a movie. Well, that probably can’t happen, either, as she might not even be on this continent. The Eras Tour is headed to Australia, where shows are starting in Melbourne on February 16. According to TMZ, she’s already down in the land of Tim Tams and giant spiders.

All right, so they aren’t spending Valentine’s Day together. Now that Travis is done for the season, will he get into his Penny Lane bag and follow Swift around on tour? Maybe! Earlier this month, he was asked if he would be headed to one of Taylor’s concerts after the Super Bowl, and he expertly dodged the question.

“I’m not planning anything after this Super Bowl. I’m just focused on this game right now. But I’d love to experience down unda,” he said with a grin and a Crocodile Dundee accent.

I know we’re all upset that these two won’t be splitting a Whitman’s Sampler together today, but I have a feeling they’ll be fine. There is no distance too great to keep them apart. That’s what the private jet is for.

What Will Taylor and Travis Do for Valentine’s Day?