Taylor and Travis Are That Couple Who Works Out Together

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

In case it wasn’t obvious based on vibes alone, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the kind of couple that enjoys working out together. However, being the most famous couple in the world means that they can’t just roll through the Beverly Hills Equinox for a casual HIIT workout. Instead, according to TMZ, these two go to an appointment-only gym, and the whole space clears out when they come by, employees included.

In its original report, TMZ claimed that the couple spent two hours working out at upscale gym Dogpound on Monday — forcing other gym members to wait outside “looking extremely confused.”

The gossip site later posted an update clarifying that the people waiting outside the gym weren’t patrons. That would be rude. “Dogpound is a by-appointment establishment. We value members’ experience and have never had anyone wait outside for 2 hours,” a representative for the gym said. “The narrative running in the media does not accurately reflect circumstances. We respect the privacy of our clients.”

Okay, so who are those people in the photos clearly ready to work out? There’s one guy who has a ten-pound medicine ball between his legs; was he just strolling by? Well, no. According to TMZ’s sources, those people are Dogpound employees. And they weren’t outside for two hours, because apparently Swift’s workouts last only an hour.

As for what Swift and Kelce got up to in the gym, your guess is as good as mine. I have to imagine that their training regimens are totally different. She needs the endurance to perform for three straight hours, while his job is to run really fast for about eight seconds at a time while dodging 250-pound men. Is there some kind of workout that can train you for both of those scenarios? Is that what crossfit is?

Taylor and Travis Are That Couple Who Works Out Together