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The 15 Best Home Décor Deals This Week

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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Where we rest our heads matters. And what it looks and feels like matters even more. If you’ve been looking to add a few new pieces to your space or you want your bed to be slightly cozier, now’s the time to shop.

It’s sleep week, and (mostly) everything is discounted. There are deals on appliances, décor, and even our favorite bedsheets and duvets covers. To help you sort it all out, we’ve rounded up our favorites.

Best Kitchen-Appliance and Tool Deals

This personal blender comes with two 20-ounce bottles you can fill with smoothies or protein shakes and take on the go. It features two speeds and only takes up a tiny bit of space so you still have plenty of room for meal prep.

This set has everything any at-home chef could possibly need, from sharp stainless-steel knives to spatulas and spoons.

Because you don’t need any more plain glassware, this pretty green pair is made from handblown glass and features the brand’s signature wave pattern. It’s anything but boring.

Impress your guests and brighten up your space with this cutting board for your charcuterie.

A nicer set of dinnerware you can use when you have guests or you’re just making your own dinner. Bonus points because it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

Best Furniture Deals

This coffee table is cool but still minimal enough to match your existing décor. Your coffee-table books will thank you.

You’ll always need somewhere to store your extra linens and blankets, and this palm basket is nice enough to place visibly in any room.

Another solid option to store extras. Plus you can sit on it.

Available in two colors, this accent chair might look like an art piece, but you can actually sit on it.

Finally an under-$100 mirror that lets you successfully get those outfit pics and see if those shoes really match the rest of your look. It’s also small enough to tuck into a corner without taking up too much space.

Best Bedding Deals

From $339

Sheets so soft you can skip the extra fabric softener. They’re also temperature regulating to keep you cool as the weather warms up.

Another good option for hot sleepers, this affordable pillow stays cool and firm throughout the night.

A Cut Shop favorite. This supersoft option gets softer each wash and stays cool.

From $175

They key to a cozy bed worthy of a five-star hotel is piling on comfort like this airy comforter. Made of a blend of cotton and silk, the Breeze Comforter from Buffy is perfect for keeping your body warm without overheating.

A lightweight and airy blanket option to keep on hand when the duvet is in storage.

The 15 Best Home Décor Deals This Week