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How Tayshia Adams Gets Her Skin So Good

Photo: Courtesy of Tayshia Adams

Many of the people featured in this column say they first learned about skin care from their moms. For Tayshia Adams, it was on the set of The Bachelor. Sure, the former phlebotomist arrived armed with her Neutrogena face wash, Mario Badescu spot treatment, and Johnson’s Baby Soap, but her products didn’t measure up to those of her fellow contestants. “I was in the bathroom looking at all these girls put like 30 products on their skin. I was like, ‘What is happening here? What am I missing?’”

It’s a different story now that she’s returning to The Bachelorette as a co-host for Katie Thurston’s season. Her line-up reads like the routine of someone who really knows what she’s doing. There’s the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum (“It adds a nice, bright boost to the skin’s texture), the Elta MD moisturizer (“Its breathable formula also goes great under makeup”), and the Kiehl’s eye cream (“It’s one of my key staple products!”). But, of course, it all came with a learning curve and the help of a dermatologist. “I was never someone who was able to afford all of this skin care. You jump on some of the trends because you expect them to work, and when they don’t, it’s really disappointing.”

She’s still learning all of the intricacies of her skin’s daily needs and how to adjust her regimen in different environments, but she’s more proactive now. “During my season, it was extremely hot. I was sweating constantly, so you obviously start breaking out,” she says. “Where we are filming now — can’t really name the place — it’s extremely dry, and my skin has already started freaking out. In fact, I had Zac [Clark] ship me a face wash because I was like, ‘I need to nip it in the bud.’” Her trusty SkinCeuticals LHA Cleanser Gel is now with her.

Adams considers her makeup picks carefully before purchasing them, too, especially after an ill-advised trial with a certain popular foundation. “I actually liked how it looked on my skin, but truly, I had cystic acne for probably over a year after using it. It was so bad.” She was even hesitant to have her Bachelorette makeup artist Gina Modica prep her for the camera. “I told her, Giorgio Armani is the only foundation that I will use because I’ve tried a million others, and I know my skin breaks out. She was like, ‘Okay, well, we can use that, but I want to try this Temptu Airbrush.’” She hasn’t gone back to Armani since. “It’s just super light, and it’s phenomenal.”

Read on for more of Adams’s essentials, including the serum she uses before filming, the sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast on her skin, and the lip balm that “changed the game.”

The Serums

“The first thing I put on my rinsed face is always Skinceuticals’s Phloretin C F. This vitamin C antioxidant face serum protects my skin from environmental damage throughout the day, which is crucial when I’m in big cities like L.A. or NYC. There is a scent to this serum, but it’s very minimal and not bad. I don’t get the ham smell that other vitamin C products have.”

“I use this serum when I’m experiencing a breakout or clogged pores because it keeps my skin in check. Even when I’m not breaking out, the product is great for preventative aging. It’s really a two-in-one product, and it always makes such a difference to my skin. The key ingredient is salicylic acid, which refines pores and helps reduce the formation of acne. My aesthetician in Orange County three years ago recommended this serum, and I haven’t gone back since.”

“I love using this serum for the overall appearance of my skin. It gives my skin an added smoothness that comes off really well no matter the light setting. I’ve also found that it photographs really well and makes the skin look great whenever I’m on-camera. It also lasts me several months, and even though I’m using more in production, I still haven’t finished the bottle. A dime-size amount is all that’s needed.”

The Eye Cream

“I love this product! This is a cooling eye cream that really takes away from the puffiness I experience in the morning. You can really feel the caffeine getting to work in this product and waking up the eye area.”

The Moisturizer

“This is a really light moisturizer for people like me with acne-prone skin. It’s important for my skin to stay hydrated especially when traveling on planes and when I’m in dry locations.”

The Sunscreen

“This non-comedogenic sunscreen has an SPF of 47 and goes on sheer, which is a huge plus for me and something I look for in a daily sunscreen. I’ve experienced a lot of sunscreens giving me a purple or white cast on my particular skin tone, which can really take away from your overall skin health and appearance. This sunscreen not only works great against sun damage but is also so great on sensitive skin and on various skin tones.”

The Lip Balm

“At first, I was apprehensive because I have plenty of lip balms already, but this one has truly changed the game. It’s extremely moisturizing, it stays on your lips throughout the day, and it has a perfect touch of gloss while repairing your lips at the same time. It can also be used for so many other things — I put it on my cuticles, my nose if it’s dry, my eyebrows to hold them in place, my cheeks to give them a dewy glow, all in addition to putting it on my chapped lips. It goes anywhere, day and night!”

How The Bachelorette Host Gets Her Skin So Good