The Best Housewarming Gifts Under $100, According to an Expert

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

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As anyone who has moved knows it’s an occasion worth celebrating. A housewarming party is well deserved after packing and unpacking alone. So if an invite has landed in your lap, you want to bring the best gift.

Before you open another tab or head to the Amazon app, you should first communicate, according to expert and To Be Hosted and While Entertaining founder Amber Mayfield Hewett. “Ask people what they need or if there is a vibe they are going for with their new home décor,” she says. “Not everyone likes a surprise!”

You want your gift to be personal and functional, she adds. So ask them what they need and go from there. Maybe they’d prefer a new set of cutlery over wineglasses or a coffee-table book. “Always aim for a gift that you know will be used,” adds Hewett.

Now that you have a good idea of what they’re looking for, we have a few recommendations in every category that are functional and beautiful even when they aren’t in use.

For the homebodies:

Candles are an appropriate gift anytime, but there’s nothing better than cleaning a new home and lighting a fresh candle. Gift this subtle and energizing scent with notes of neroli and citrus.

Expensive candles deserve extra care; this kit include a snuffer and wick trimmer so you actually get several hours of burn time out of your favorites.

Coffee from home is way better than any coffee shop when you’ve perfected your brewing methods. This colorful pour-over helps to slowly brew coffees and teas and keep them fresh.


A bedside carafe means more time in bed and less trips to the kitchen. This rippled glass option comes with a glass that doubles as a cover and a few different color options.

For adding a little color and texture or cuddling up on the couch when they cancel plans.

Accompany their movie nights in with a dreamy look into Sofia Coppola’s work.

They can now outfit their home in the cult-favorite scent. With notes of bergamot, musk, and amber, this light and clean fragrance will refresh the whole house.

Your friend with a green thumb will appreciate a plant that’s low-maintenance and fits their space. All this plant needs is water and a warmly lit corner to thrive.

For the hosts:

Hewitt says a good serving board is a timeless gift and fits different aesthetics and décor. They can use this for charcuterie or grazing.

If they’ve been dabbling with charcuterie boards, this is a great way to serve and accent their favorite meats, cheeses, and fruits.

The key to a good party is having snacks readily available, and this wavy bowl from Fazeek is an easy way for them to impress guests and serve.

The can/bottle opener they usually grab can stay in the drawer — this gold shell bottle opener is worth leaving out.

Any bar cart needs a good set of tools. If they’re perfecting their signature cocktails, this has everything they need: a strainer, tongs, and a stand to keep them all neat.

This book is more than pretty pictures and a nice coffee-table accessory; there are over 100 cocktail ideas to try inside.

They’ll feel more inclined to leave these colorful coasters out when guests are around.

Practical and fun, anyone who regularly cooks and crafts cocktails will appreciate this lemon squeezer.

They’re a bit of a splurge, but these unique crinkled water glasses are bound to impress.

Made of recycled fabric, these twill napkins will brighten up the dinner table.

For the amateur chefs:

Mayfield Hewett’s go-to ravioli-shaped spoon rests have a wait list, but these floral bowls are just as good to gift.

So they can stop using every available surface for their utensils when they’re in the kitchen.

This trio of lightly scented dish and hand soaps will make washing dishes far more tolerable. The scents are worth it (trust us).

The Best Housewarming Gifts Under $100