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The Cut’s Best Sex Writing

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February is not only the month of love, it’s also a pretty horny time. We invite anyone clamoring for content to enjoy this comprehensive list of the Cut’s best sex writing.

(1) 50 Things Women Think About While Masturbating

Everything from frozen peas to Brokeback Mountain.

(2) Would You Ever F*ck a Fruit?

We asked 11 men. Their answers may surprise you.

(3) The Ultimate Sex Playlist

With sounds for everything from sexcapades to masturbating.

(4) The Most-Read Sex Diary

Our most-read Sex Diary to date. Some of our other most popular Diaries: “The Intern Who Doesn’t Have Time for Real Dates,” “The L.A. Woman Looking Forward to a Threesome,” and “The Family Man Attending a Sex Party With His Wife.”

(5) 18 Women on the Very Specific Things That Make Them Horny

Men’s thumbs, manicures, libraries: 18 women told us they’re turned on by unexpected things.

(6) How to Tell Your Partner About Your Fetish, Without Making It Weird

Some practical advice.

(7) The 10 Kisses Every Woman Knows

A kissing choreography breakdown: “A good kiss is like the quintessential Goldilocks tale. You don’t want too much aggression, too much hesitation, or too much tongue, for that matter. It needs to be just right.”

(8) There Are Actually Only Six Sex Positions

It’s true.

(9) How to Arrange a Three-way With Your Partner

One woman shares her adventures in threesome territory, “an anything-goes, cotton-candy-filled, judgment-free trip to sexual Disneyland.”

(10) Talking Dirty Taught Me I Am Terrible at Talking Dirty

An attempt to recreate scenarios from trashy Kindle erotica with lines like, “Do you want me to show off for you?” and, “I love dick.”

(11) The Ultimate Sexting Guide

Two experts share a step-by-step guide to sexting.

(12) Which Is the Horniest Emoji Face?

An investigation.

(13) 10 Men on What a Blow Job Feels Like

We asked men to explain.

(14) The Therapeutic Effects of Sleeping With an Ex

It might be good for you. Maybe.

(15) Warning: A Column on Butt Stuff

Investigating the rise of anal play.

(16) Move Over, Butt Stuff: Hand Jobs Are Back

“The hand job is ready for its lubricated moment in the sun,” thanks to a steamy scene in The Good Wife.

(17) The Complicated Politics of Where to Come

The most chivalrous cum shot on journalistic record: “I was getting a blow job, and when the time came for me to finish, I was like, ‘Where do you want it?’ And he was like, ‘Wherever you want it!’ And I was like, ‘I want it where you want it.’ And he was like, ‘But I want it where you want it!’” In the polite confusion over the direction of his penis, he said, he’d somehow ended up with it pointed at his own face. Some of it shot into his mouth — an accidental, and impressively powerful, hole in one.

(18) How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

A sexologist shares how passionate couples can get over a sexual lull.

(19) I’m Always the Wallflower at the Orgy

A night at Girl Pile, a long-standing San Francisco girl-on-girl orgy.

(20) What It’s Like to Plan Your Own Gang Bang

One woman pushes her boundaries and plans her own orgy.

(21) What I Learned on My Date With a Sex Robot

Allison P. Davis’s New York Magazine cover story describes the cultural implications of sex-robot technology — and what it’s like to fondle the artificial penis of a bot named Henry.

(22) How to Flirt and Make Friends at a Nude Beach

A lesson in naked etiquette from Young Naturists of America.

(23) 14 Weird, Costumed Halloween Hookup Stories

It’s not Halloween, but these bizarre, costumed hookup stories might inspire you for Valentine’s Day.

(24) What It’s Like to Visit ‘Dr. M,’ New York’s Erotic Masseur for Women

Three women visit “Dr. M,” a 40-something man with a day job and very, very skilled hands. “I’m not exactly sure what he does,” says one woman, “but when he first touches my vagina it feels like he’s slowly peeling back layers.”

(25) I Took My Partner to ‘Orgasmic Meditation’ Training

A visit to the Silicon Valley–hyped “clit cult,” OneTaste, which features live demonstrations of mindful sex. “You know shit is getting real when the old lady next to you cries out, ‘I just want to get naked and lie down and have sex on that table!’”

(26) We Did the Sex Math on John Mayer

What does having slept with 500 people mean?

(27) How Union Pool Became the Horny Utopia of 2000s Williamsburg

On the infamous Brooklyn bar and its mysterious mating powers.

(28) Pornhub and the American Sexual Imagination

Maureen O’Connor’s New York Magazine cover story investigates the search habits of Pornhub’s wide user base, breaking down the colorful lexicon of the pornosphere.

(29) The Real Sex Lives of Historical Queens

If The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots left you wondering about the sexual escapades of Victorian queens, particularly queer ones, the Cut has some history lessons for you.

The Cut’s Best Sex Writing