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Hosted by Molly Fischer and created in partnership with Gimlet Media, The Cut on Tuesdays is our weekly podcast diving into all the stuff we can’t stop talking about: politics, people, style, culture, and more. Below, for your bingeing pleasure, we gathered all of our episodes into one place. Click on any episode to listen, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1: Power

From the inadequacy of empowerment, to what it feels like to be powerful (and powerless), and how to change who actually has power, three women we know well weighed in on this subject: Stella Bugbee, the Cut's president and editor-in-chief; Lindsay Peoples Wagner, Teen Vogue's editor-in-chief and a former Cut staffer; and Rebecca Traister, the Cut's writer-at-large.

Episode 2: The Anonymous List That Started an Uproar, 28 Years Before ‘Shitty Media Men’

Decades before the Shitty Media Men spreadsheet (and resulting $1.5 million lawsuit against its creator, Moira Donegan), Brown University had a similar list on a bathroom wall. In this episode we talk about the weaponization of whisper networks.

Episode 3: How Did My Former Schoolmate Become a White-Nationalist Internet Personality?

Back when our senior culture writer Anna Silman knew her, Faith Goldy was an outspoken feminist who was voted school prefect at their private all-girls school in Canada. Now, she’s an internet personality for the far right. In this episode Anna returned to Toronto to confront Faith, working to understand the roots of radicalization and the propagation of hateful rhetoric online.

Episode 4: How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Became a Political Superstar

For our Election Day 2018 episode, we talked to women who helped shape Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s successful campaign, examining how the 29-year-old Bronx native represents something new in American politics. Listen to her story through the voices of voters, door-knockers, and the filmmaker behind her viral video.

Episode 5: Ferrante Forever: Revisiting My Brilliant Friend

HBO's adaptation of My Brilliant Friend gave us the perfect excuse to revisit Ferrante Fever, circa 2014–2016. We talked to Ann Goldstein, the translator who’s become a stand-in for the pseudonymous author; Danielle Oteri, who leads tours of Lila and Lenu's Naples; and the writer Dayna Tortorici, whose essay “Those Like Us” is essential for anyone interested in learning more about the author's ideas. For further reading (books that might scratch the same itch as the Neapolitan novels), read our list of recommendations here.

Episode 6: Motherhood ('You Can't Back Out')

Two meaty conversations about motherhood, in one episode. The first is a How I Got This Baby story, from a woman who split up with her husband when she was six months pregnant with their second child. The second is the first interview in our How I Get It Done spinoff series: Anna Sale, host of the beloved Death, Sex, and Money podcast, who caught our attention with her unusual approach to maternity leave.

Episode 7: Pubes: Something We Think About a Lot

As an audio companion to the Cut’s Beat Around the Bush series, we talked to lots of women and experts about pube-related anxieties, memories, routines, and misadventures. In short, we attempted to answer a question that we all privately think about a lot: What’s going on with pubes these days?

Episode 8: How Robin Roberts Gets It Done

The Good Morning America host told us how she juggles her early morning schedule while making time for the people she loves, along with how she works to be a better boss, and what she wishes she could tell her younger self. Read the full interview here.

Episode 9: How It Feels to Survive Being Shot

"Down the Street From a Mass Shooting" is the other title of this episode. It follows Kate Ranta, who shared the story behind a photo she took in her house right after she was shot. We interviewed her not long after doctors started sharing photos of the bloody effects of gun violence on Twitter.

Episode 10: How Artist Amy Sherald Gets It Done

The artist who painted Michelle Obama’s stunning official portrait quickly went from being a relatively unknown artist, making ends meet however she could, to becoming famous and in high-demand. Here she talks about the breakthrough moment and everything that came after, including how she's managing a drastically busier schedule.

Episode 11: What Comes Next for the Migrants of the Caravan?

When a caravan of migrants from Central America reached the U.S. border, after weeks of overheated news coverage and scare-mongering tweets from the president, our producer Sarah McVeigh visited the camp and talked to women about what life is like in limbo — when you're caught between countries and separated from your family, with no idea what comes next.

Episode 12: How Jill Kargman Gets It Done

The writer, actress , and star of her own three-season Bravo series, Odd Mom Out, talked to us about raising three kids while working 18-hour days, surviving breast cancer, and turning 40.

Episode 13: How to Ruin a Dinner Party

Every week, the Cut's staff writer Maddie Aggeler presents her Over Easy food column, “by a 20-something woman who can barely cook an egg, and just wants to learn how to throw together an elegant three-course meal for her friends.” In this episode Maddie attempted to do just that, with three culinary professionals: Samin Nosrat, Angela Dimayuga, and Carla Lalli Music. They taught her how to roast vegetables and bake a proper dessert.

Episode 14: 15 Women on What They Wish They Could Say Sorry For

New Year's Day kickstarts the perfect time of year for apologies. But instead of thinking about everything you’re going to do right in the future, what about everything you did wrong in the past? We asked our listeners what they were sorry for … and they had a lot to say. From making another girl cry in the second grade to damaging family relationships, here's what they wish they could apologize for.

Episode 15: How Sarah Koenig Gets It Done

The host and co-creator of Serial, the show that debuted in 2014 and made podcasts a cultural phenomenon, talked to us about procrastination, "time mismanagement," and her work wife.

Episode 16: Was This the ‘Cat Person’ of 1973?

Two different eras of sexual tumult, two very different blockbuster stories about sex. This week, we talked about what “Cat Person” meant to readers when it came out a year ago — and what Fear of Flying meant to readers when it came out in 1973.

Episode 17: Like It or Not

The week after four women entered the 2020 presidential race — Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Tulsi Gabbard — we talked about the fraught nature of "likability" for women in politics.

Episode 18: What Psychosis Feels Like

On this week’s show, we revisited contributing editor Lisa Miller’s cover story for New York Magazine about the links between menopause and schizophrenia. Lisa told us how the story came to be — and why she got more invested in it than she ever expected to. And we heard from some of the women who told Lisa about what they went through.