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The Cut’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Gerald Slota, Campbell Addy, The Cobrasnake, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Bettmann Archive via Getty Images, Philip Montgomery, Getty Images

Our mission at the Cut is to meet you, the readers, where you are — in your careers, your relationships, styles, and skin-care routines. We want to bring you authoritative service, thought-provoking reporting, and intimate personal essays that you’ll share in your group text. The 20 stories below, our most read this year, are ones that did just that. From Brock Colyar’s meditation on pronouns to original reporting on the dangers of the latest trendy weight-loss drug, Ozempic, from Allison P. Davis’s vibe shift heard round the (digital) world to the definitive take on the Amber Heard backlash, beautifully written by Claire Lampen — these are the articles you spent the most time with.

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Girl Power Gets Sober

By Katie Heaney

Photo-Illustration: Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Can Holly Whitaker help women quit drinking better than AA can? Read the story ➼


The Woman Who Killed Roe

By Kerry Howley

Photo: Martin Schoeller

Marjorie Dannenfelser’s single-minded pursuit of an end to abortion. Read the story ➼


Waking Up From the Nap Dress

By Matthew Schneier

Photo: Jeff Bark

How the proudly personally privileged Nell Diamond convinced so many women to wear pajamas in public. Read the story ➼


I Didn’t Start Weight Lifting Because I Wanted to Be Strong

By Casey Johnston

Photo: Elena Mudd

I was still obsessed with dieting. But eventually, I saw what I’d been missing. Read the story ➼


Tinder Hearted

By Allison P. Davis

Illustration: QuickHoney

How did a dating app become my longest running relationship? Read the story ➼


What White Men Say in Our Absence

By Elaine Hsieh Chou

Photo: Reinhard Krull / EyeEm/Getty Images

Their darkest thoughts on Asian women have obsessed me for years. With the spike in violence against us, my private fear has become a public one. Read the story ➼


They, Then and Now

By Brock Colyar

Photo: Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Asking for pronouns has become a social standard. Who is it serving? Read the story ➼


My Mom Has No Friends

By Monica Corcoran Harel

Photo: Courtesy of the author

The loneliness of growing older made bearable with playdates. Read the story ➼


Losing My Ambition

By Amil Niazi

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Everett Collection

After a career of making “strategic” moves, I’m embracing mediocrity. Read the story ➼


The Institutionalist

By Rebecca Traister

Photo: Bettmann Archive via Getty Images (L) Philip Montgomery for New York Magazine(R)

Dianne Feinstein fought for gun control, civil rights, and abortion access for half a century. Where did it all go wrong? Read the story ➼


A Murder Solved in DMs

By Jennifer Swann

Photo: Rebecca Fuentes

When Daisy De La O was killed, friends looked to social media for the man they suspected had done it. They found him. Read the story ➼


Epiphany in the Baby-Food Aisle

By Jessi Klein

Photo-Illustration: The Cut/Getty Images

On a trip to the grocery store one day, I had a realization about me, my son, and the meaning of life. Read the story ➼


The Rich New York Women Who Love Their Fake Birkins

By Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz

Photo-Illustration: The Cut/Getty Images

Among a certain set, counterfeit luxury bags may be more popular than the real thing. Read the story ➼


You Might Go Through Hell for Your Post-Ozempic Body

By Devin Tomb

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty, Ozempic

Patients describe constant nausea and vomiting. But doctors say everyone is asking for it. Read the story ➼


A Vibe Shift Is Coming

By Allison P. Davis

Photo: The Cobrasnake

Will any of us survive it? Read the story ➼


Teenage Justice

By Elizabeth Weil

Photo: Baïdi Kamagate

A list of boys “to look out for” appeared on a high-school bathroom wall last fall. The story of one of them. Read the story ➼


Which Women Do We Choose to Believe?

By Claire Lampen


Amber Heard claims an extremely famous man abused her for years. Why do so many people hate her for it? Read the story ➼


What Happened to Maya

By Dyan Neary

Photo: Mikaela Martin

When a 10-year-old girl complained of mysterious pain, a doctor suspected child abuse. How far would she go to prove it? Read the story ➼


Taking Another Look at The Watcher

By Reeves Wiedeman

Art: Gerald Slota

What we know about the case four years later. Read the story ➼


Meghan of Montecito

By Allison P. Davis

Photo: Campbell Addy

She’s left the Firm behind. Harry’s found a polo team in Santa Barbara. The kids are doing great. Now she’s ready for her next act. Read the story ➼

The Cut’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2022