Tina Fey Has Some Advice for the Rich and Famous

Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

Due to not being famous, people like me (and probably you) can enjoy all kinds of luxuries, like going grocery shopping with zit patches on our faces or gossiping without having our lips read. Also: sharing our opinions. Whereas for celebrities, telling people what you really think can be “dangerous and expensive.” At least according to Tina Fey, who crammed a group chat’s worth of thought-provoking takes on fame into a 60-second bit on this week’s episode of Las Culturistas.

In a clip of the episode circulating online, Fey needled Bowen Yang for “giving his real opinions about movies on this podcast.” (Yang and his co-host, Matt Rogers, have critiqued entertainment on the podcast since launching it eight years ago.)

“I regret to inform you that you are too famous now, sir,” Fey told Yang. “You have a problem with Saltburn? Quiet luxury. Keep it to yourself. What are you gonna do when Emerald Fennell calls about her next project where you play Carey Mulligan’s co-worker in the bridal section of Harrods, and then Act III takes a sexually violent turn and you have to pretend to be surprised by that turn?”

Fey also referenced Yang’s role in Jon M. Chu’s upcoming Wicked film adaptation, riffing, “You hang out with Ariana and SpongeBob now, that is your life.” To Rogers, she said: “You’ve got about one year left.” From there, she pivoted to the recent tabloid frenzy over a years-old podcast episode where Ayo Edebiri spoke critically about J.Lo’s career, which resurfaced just before they were scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live together. “Learn from my mistakes, learn from Ayo,” Fey said. “Podcasts are forever. Authenticity is dangerous and expensive.” (For what it’s worth, Edebiri seemed to agree — she commented: “LEARN FROM ME.”)

Whether or not you agree, one thing is clear: Tina Fey is up-to-date on her pop-culture references.

Tina Fey Has Some Advice for the Rich and Famous