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The 10 Most Hyped Haircuts, Colors, and Styles From 2023

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Even if you’ve never chopped your hair into a chin-skimming bob, either in a fit of post-breakup rage or as the first step in recovering from a bad bleach job, 2023 was still the year to experiment. It’s the same with finding out whether or not you can pull off a fiery crimson color or if your grays can hide beneath a bright Scandi blonde hairline. Sure, certain styles were more divisive than others (jellyfish bangs, anyone?), but the top haircut, color, and styling trends were most definitely worth the hype this year.



The year of the messy bob

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Leave it to White Lotus creator Mike White to have us all lusting after this subtly glamorous Italian bob cut. It’s not a super-blunt cub bob, though: This style has minimal layers and a deep side part with ends that are slightly frayed and perfectly undone.

Avoid extra weight on short hair with this light gel cream to help keep your layers defined and smooth.

Add a spritz of volumizing texture spray for a tousled look with plenty of bounce.

Customize your heat setting to protect your bob and add some shiny, undone waves for texture.

Afraid of a bob? How about endless layers?

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The style originated in Korea — Squid Game star Jung Ho-yeon is a fan — and typically features both medium-length and face-framing layers, plus wispy bangs. It’s adaptable for medium or long hair and works best if your hair has some natural texture to prevent the layers from looking too stringy or limp.

This touchable texture spray helps to lift and define your layers without sacrificing volume and won’t leave you with that crunchy finish.

Bangs tend to get greasy throughout the day, but keeping a dry shampoo on hand will help absorb excess oil.

Dry and style simultaneously, and prevent your layers from falling flat with an easy-to-use blowout brush.

Bob or layers, mega ’90s volume was it

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for HBO

Extra-bouncy, butterfly-esque layers are signature to this haircut trend, and it’s not hard to see why. The face-framing, ’90s-style layers make achieving that supermodel volume ridiculously easy. And the butterfly cut is an opportunity to change up your hair without losing a ton of length.

For megawatt shine and a silky smooth finish, add this peptide-rich repairing formula to your wash day routine.

Smooth your ends and extend the life of your bouncy blowout with this finishing oil that will have your hair feeling soft as ever.

Start your volumizing regime in the shower with this nourishing shampoo, which helps to thicken the appearance of hair for lusciously full layers.

And bangs made a comeback

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Jane Birkin won the bangs battle of 2023, and requests for her signature wispy, blunt-cut style continue at salons from coast to coast. Although Birkin Bangs do require some extra daily styling, it’s a small hair change that can make a big impact on your overall beauty aesthetic.

Avoid flyaways and frizzy bangs with this smoothing shine spray. A quick spritz will help your bangs look fresh throughout the day.

Add subtle definition to your bangs via this lightweight styling cream.

To help separate your bangs for that tres French piece-y look, lather a tiny bit of pomade to the ends after you finish styling.



The year we all tried out blonde highlights

Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

If you’re hoping to transform your hair into a bright, natural-looking blonde, look to Scandinavia for inspiration. This year, there’s a new twist on how the color is applied with highlights focused around the hairline and baby hairs to brighten the complexion. Ask your colorist for a freehand technique as opposed to traditional foils for a gorgeous sun-kissed effect.

Prevent brassy tones from creeping into your perfect Scandi blonde with a weekly purple shampoo treatment.

If your calendar is packed with travel and you’d rather not bring your purple shampoo on trips, reach for these handy purple drops and add them to any formula for a DIY option.

Show off those subtle highlights with a chic and minimalist velvet headband. It’s also a great way to disguise the fact you haven’t shampooed your hair in days.

Red hair was the runner-up color of the year

Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Whether copper or cabernet, chili pepper or amber glaze, everyone wanted to become a redhead in 2023. Although the shade is notoriously difficult to maintain (the color fades the fastest compared to blonde and brunette) the plethora of shade variations made the choice to go red more appealing than ever. Just be sure to invest in a high-quality color-care system and carve out time in your schedule for regular salon touch-ups.

If you’re looking to enhance your hair with a vibrant red color without committing to salon processing, try this color depositing mask, which also utilizes coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil to nourish and moisturize.

Invest in a sulfate-free and color-safe shampoo to help keep your preferred shade of red brilliant and prevent fading.

This slightly acidic moisturizing mask helps to minimize hair porosity and ensure that your color is even throughout the length of your hair.

If red is too bold, how about really dark hair?

Photo: Araya Doheny/FilmMagic

The smoldering jet-black brunette was one of the year’s most in-demand shades, and it’s not hard to see why. Stars like Megan Fox, Jenna Ortega, Riley Keough, and Doja Cat embraced the moody color, and salons saw requests for raven-toned hair year-round (as opposed to just the colder months when many people go darker). Reach for products that boost your shine for a sleek, sophisticated color guaranteed to snap a few necks as you walk down the street.

Strengthen damaged hair bonds and amplify your shine for the most expensive-looking brunette of your life.

Prevent your brunette falling flat with this powerful illuminating mask, which also protects against UV damage and fading.

Color-treated hair is highly susceptible to damage, so incorporate a nourishing leave-in conditioner post-shower to soften, smooth, and boost shine.



The year we all became Barbies

Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

There’s no denying that Barbie became a full-fledged phenomenon in 2023, and the beauty industry happily embraced her signature style. The ultrabouncy high ponytail with a ’60s-style front swoop became a red-carpet regular and is a flattering alternative to more formal updos for any hair type. All it takes is the right set of tools to keep your hair in place and frizz-free.

Hairstylist Alyx Liu designed the ideal nylon blend hair tie that can keep your hair high and as taut as you desire, which, for a Barbie ponytail, is as tight as your scalp can handle.

Smooth frizz and lay your baby hairs in the perfect Barbie swoop with this hair-strengthening edge gel. The added rosemary and mint essential oils help to boost blood circulation and stimulate your hair follicles.

Complete the look by curling the ends of your ponytail and sealing with plenty of hairspray. Tease the base of the ponytail for an even fuller effect.

The year of more gorgeous protective styles

Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir HusseinWireImage

Leave it to TikTok to show off this popular protective style, incorporating looser braids into the cornrow pattern for a chic, free-flowing look. If you’re tender-headed, flip-over Fulani braids might be a wise way to go as there’s less manipulation of the braids than other protective options.

Save time at the salon and arrive with a thoroughly cleansed scalp. This clarifying shampoo gently removes buildup without stripping your skin or hair.

Support a healthy scalp while the braids are in with this soothing and moisturizing scalp treatment. Infused with witch-hazel water, eucalyptus oil, and tea-tree oil, your scalp and hair will feel healthier than ever with weekly use.

Restore and repair your hair with this moisturizing formula. Although it contains a nourishing blend of baobab oil, cupuaçu-seed butter, and mango butter, your hair will never feel weighed down.

The year bows became a symbol of glamor

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Hair ribbons officially graduated from your baby cousin’s kindergarten graduation to a runway and street-style staple. Suddenly, a subtle black velvet bow seemed sexy and sophisticated, a clear nod to the ballet-core trend. Whether you style with a demure half-up half-down or a voluminous curly updo, the ribbon revival shows no signs of slowing down.

Too busy to tie the perfect bow? Swap in an elegant bow clip to pull back the side of your hair or accentuate your ponytail.

Tie your hair into a minimalist low ponytail or bun with a length of simple black ribbon. Leave the ends loose for a carefree look or add in a classic bow if that’s more your vibe.

Combine the enduring hair-claw trend with a feminine red bow and your hair will look thoughtfully styled in seconds.

The 10 Most Hyped Haircuts, Colors, and Styles From 2023