Tori Spelling Broke Divorce News to Dean McDermott on Her Podcast

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Photo: Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images

Celebrity breakups, though often devastating for fans and ex-lovers alike, never fail to entertain. Take Lupita Nyong’o, who staged her breakup from sports-commentator boyfriend Selema Masekela in a nine-act Instagram soliloquy. The 20-year-old nepo baby Landon Barker announced his own breakup with 19-year-old TikToker Charli D’Amelio by posting a social-media statement that was worded as though it were written by middle-aged divorce attorneys. And, lest we forget, Shakira produced a diss track about her ex’s rumored love affair — you know, the one with the strawberry-jam jar. But it seems Tori Spelling wants to outmaneuver her predecessors by breaking her divorce news to estranged husband Dean McDermott in the middle of a podcast recording.

The intended high-stakes drama of the incident is apparent from the moment listeners click into Spelling’s podcast, aptly titled Misspelling. Released on Sunday night, the episode description reads, “The headlines are true. Tori has filed for divorce after 18 years. This is how it happened, when it happened, and why it happened.” The headlines Misspelling speaks of began nine months ago when McDermott announced on Instagram that the couple of nearly two decades would be going their separate ways. Spelling’s official divorce filing was made public knowledge last week after “Page Six” reported it had obtained court documents relating to the matter. Little did we know that we’d also be getting a live recording of Spelling breaking the filing news to the father of her five children.

“I hate to do this to you in the middle of going to work and everything,” she said once she had McDermott on the line. “They’ve done it. It’s the formality. It’s just the one sheet you check off, and next you’ll have to sign it.”

Spelling did not have McDermott on speakerphone, so listeners can hear only the host’s side of the conversation, scattered questions and all. She asked her ex if he had a lawyer, then responded to an unaired question.

“Wait, it’s gonna be spun what way? That I’ve had enough of you? What? What do you mean?” she asked before asserting her right to file first. “In all honesty, after this whole journey if it’s about … who files first, the other person is wrong, I feel like I deserve to file first then. You basically put it out there with the Daily Mail and said everything you’ve done to me over the years, so I think it makes perfect sense that it followed up that I would file.”

Spelling is referring to an interview her ex gave to the Mail in November, admitting that his alcohol-fueled outbursts contributed to the downfall of their marriage. Throughout the remainder of the 40-minute episode, Spelling cried to her production crew, lamented that she didn’t “feel worth loving,” and explained that she’d been thinking about divorce for nearly 16 years. While I’m not convinced the public needed to hear the actress’s private phone call with her soon-to-be ex-husband, I’m thrilled Spelling is getting out of what sounds like a dysfunctional marriage. And so the year of divorce goes on.

Tori Spelling Broke Divorce News to Ex on Her Podcast