When Killa Trav Met Barry Keoghan

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It’s nearly springtime, and Mother Earth is teeming with new beginnings. Eggs have been laid, flowers are blooming, and an Eras Tour–inspired celebrity bromance has just hatched. I am, of course, talking about the chance meeting between the two men the internet has dubbed the “first ladies” of Taylor Swift’s world tour: Travis Kelce and Barry Keoghan.

As you know, Killa Trav has made at least two stops along the international arm of Swift’s sprawling tour to cheer on his girlfriend, ogle at koalas, and probably cringe as his manager tweeted “Singapore what’s poppin!!!!!!!!” But Keoghan has also reportedly been on hand at several of Swift’s Singapore dates to support his own rumored paramour, Sabrina Carpenter. Throughout the winter, the “Nonsense” singer has served as the time-zone-hopper’s opener for shows in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore. And while both Killa Trav and the man whose cheeks haunted Saltburn Manor were both individually spotted at their respective sweethearts’ Singapore performances, it took a random Justin Timberlake concert in Los Angeles for the Swiftian cheerleaders to finally meet.

According to People, Kelce and Keoghan were both in attendance at the former boyband star’s show on Wednesday, which included a surprise ’N Sync performance. On Friday, the Saltburn actor shared a photo of the two Eras Tour superfans, writing, “When BK met TK 🙏🏻🙏🏻.” Though Swift and her football boyfriend are currently “nesting” back in L.A. during her break from touring, I have to imagine Kelce might enjoy some company from one of Carpenter’s favorite Irishmen when Swift hits the road again. Perhaps they can bond over the shared experience of watching adoring fans lose their voices over the sight of their girlfriends, their mutual affinity for flashing peace signs, or get lost in a discussion about the larger state of male fragility in their respective industries. Then again, maybe it’s just a photo. In the meantime, at least, Swifties have been fed.

When Killa Trav Met Barry Keoghan