Vanessa Hudgens Is Practicing Gratitude

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I need to know who taught Vanessa Hudgens her gratitude practice, because that woman is really out here turning lemons (Austin Butler stuck in Elvis voice) into lemonade (a seemingly nice husband who is not stuck in Elvis voice).

In an episode of the She Pivots podcast that dropped on Wednesday, the High School Musical star was prompted to reflect on her relationship with ex Butler, who is currently wrapping up a press cycle portraying one of the scariest villains known to cinema. The former duo dated for nine years and broke up in early 2020. After fashioning himself a serious thespian, Butler began dating model Kaia Gerber in 2022, while Hudgens married baseball player Cole Tucker in Tulum last year.

“I feel like so much of my character was built from my breakups. My last breakup had really catapulted me into a very, very special place,” Hudgens said on the podcast. “It pushed me to the right person, which I’m so grateful for.”

“He is just the most supportive, real, understanding human being that I’ve ever met,” Hudgens added of Tucker.

First, I would like to thank Hudgens for the specific imagery of being catapulted away from the Elvis Presley impersonator and landing in the loving lap of the man of her dreams. All women deserve that kind of happy ending! Also, considering it took months of press for Butler to credit Hudgens with encouraging him to take on the role of the King of Rock and Roll, I find it exceedingly mature of her to publicly thank him in this way. Cheers to all the wrong guys, Baby V!

Vanessa Hudgens Is Practicing Gratitude