We All Know Who Really Won the Super Bowl

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As suspected, Taylor Swift managed to make it back from Japan in time for the biggest sporting event of the year to support the other half of Traylor: the now three-time Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Throughout the season, Swift certainly earned the title of Most Enthusiastic Fan, and Sunday night was no exception. During four long quarters and an overtime stint, she was seen nervously clutching Blake Lively, intermittently participating in drinking games, praying, and biting her nails. As the Chiefs scored the winning touchdown, CBS cameras immediately panned to the Kelce suite, where Swift — who had been hand in hand with Ice Spice and Lively — was at the bottom of a celebratory dogpile.

Following the game, Swift and Mama Kelce linked arms as they were escorted down to the field. Swift smiled and clapped as Travis addressed the crowd and sang a deranged “Viva Las Vegas.” (No, he did not propose.) Once off the stage, Travis delivered his first hug to his mom, and then ran to Swift. The couple hugged for what felt like 30 seconds straight and kissed at least five times. “That woman is damn near in tears,” one broadcaster observed as Swift was filmed, cradled by Kelce, repeating, “Oh my God” in a trancelike state.

Earlier in the evening, Swift arrived at Allegiant Stadium accompanied by Ice Spice, Blake Lively, and her mom, Andrea Swift. Lively has long been part of Swift’s girl crew, while Ice Spice sang a verse on a remixed version of “Karma,” released on the second deluxe version of Midnights. Ice Spice wasn’t the only Midnights collaborator in the box: Later in the night, Lana Del Rey was photographed chatting with Swift. Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh, also showed up in the box, with stylist Ashley Avignone sitting nearby.

Kelce reportedly spent $1 million on a suite for his friends and family at the stadium, where Swift was photographed chatting with older brother Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie. Donna Kelce, wearing a “Mama Kelce” bomber, was also seated in the Kelce family suite, despite the fact that she told the Today show earlier this week that she assumed she’d be with the normies in the stands due to the hefty price tag on Super Bowl suites. (Not quite, Mama Kelce.)

Swift wore an all-black outfit including an “87” necklace (in honor of Kelce’s jersey number), Area jeans — a brand that had its New York Fashion Week show on Sunday — and a red bomber from Wear by sports broadcaster Erin Andrews. Her ponytail featured yet another weird little braid. Oh, and the time difference between Tokyo and Vegas? Seventeen hours. But if we know Taylor, jet lag would never keep her from turning up.

After the game, Swift and Ice Spice hit the Vegas strip with the Chiefs, where they watched Ludacris perform at Zouk before hopping between nightclubs. It seems the Vegas DJs were really getting into the Traylor spirit — between videos of Swift and Kelce making out at the club, there are clips of them bopping and singing along to various EDM renditions of Swift’s songs throughout the evening. At the end of the night, they were seen leaving a venue, Kelce’s glittery suit jacket draped over Swift’s shoulders.

Now, with the conclusion of the seventh-longest game in the history of the NFL, the Chiefs have won back-to-back Super Bowls for the first time in 20 years (Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were the last to do it in 2004). As luck (or a Swift hex) would have it, Swifties only had to wait one season to experience their first Super Bowl win and Lombardi trophy ceremony.

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We All Know Who Really Won the Super Bowl