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Your Guide to Pisces Season

Pisces women: Rihanna, Nina Simone, Carson McCullers, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Rachel Weisz. Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty

The grimy end of winter can be a tough time of year; on top of that, as brilliant and invigorating as Aquarius season can be, it can be lonely, too. It can leave you feeling distant, cold, and drained. It can leave you with a desperate need for softness and feeling. So now, here is Pisces season, ready to offer you the depth and emotion you’ve been missing.

The sun is typically in Pisces from about February 18 to March 20, and while it’s there, you might feel guided by empathy, by intuition, by feelings more than logic or ambition. If Aquarius season activated the best and most sparkling part of your intellect, Pisces season activates a quieter, dreamier wisdom. If Aquarius season had you feeling like your mind was someplace bright and cold and far away, Pisces season can return you to your own heart, and remind you how deeply you’re connected to the whole world around you.

Pisces is a mutable sign. These are the signs that mark the end of a season (Pisces marks the end of winter, leading up to the vernal equinox). Of all the zodiac signs, mutable signs are the most flexible and adaptable, the ones most at ease with endings and transitions and change. And for Pisces, it’s more than just being the last sign of its season — Pisces is also the last sign of the whole zodiac year, the culmination of the wisdom and energies of all the signs that came before it.

Pisces is also a water sign. You probably already know this if you spend any time at all looking at astrology memes, which often associate Pisces with an overall watery quality — a gentle flowing motion, or an unassuming mildness, or, most often of all, a tendency to cry. Based just on internet astrology content, you could easily get the impression that people with strong Pisces placements do nothing but cry, all day, every day, their whole lives long. Gentle tears, happy tears, lonely tears, angry tears.

And it’s true that, like all the water signs, Pisces is emotionally oriented and feels things deeply. This doesn’t mean you need to spend all month crying, but Pisces season can be a good time to reacquaint yourself with your feelings. You don’t have to do anything with them just now — you don’t have to think of them as data points or evidence or tools. Don’t think of them as puzzles to solve or obstacles to overcome, either. All Pisces season really asks is that you feel them.

Pisces season isn’t always the easiest or most rewarding time for planning and maneuvering and negotiating, so don’t worry if your ambitions recede to the back of your mind for now. Maybe it’s a season for listening to the songs that make you feel too much, or a season for starting a journal again, or a season for telling your friends how much you really care about them. And honestly, some tears wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to you, either. Crying can be a release, a sweet Pisces-season gift.

Sometimes, all of this openness and vulnerability can end up veering into a sense of passivity and a lack of control over your own life. But at its best, the empathy and generous love Pisces offers can inform, not hinder, your movement through the world. It can provide a quiet, magnetic, inner strength. Pisces season shouldn’t be underestimated — water sign doesn’t need to mean watered-down. Look at Rihanna, look at Rachel Weisz! Pisces energy is Ellen Page’s fury at how much harm homophobia does; it’s also Janet Mock’s steady work uplifting trans women of color. Pisces energy is Nina Simone’s voice in all its moods: soft and mournful and confrontational and pure courageous love.

Your Guide to Pisces Season