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Your Guide to Pisces Season

Illustration: Sunny Wu

By the time Aquarius season comes to an end, your brain is likely getting tired. You’ve been dreaming up solutions to all the world’s problems, imagining a thousand different futures, thinking yourself in circles. It’s exhausting to be a visionary! So when Pisces season finally arrives at the tail end of winter, you can stop overthinking everything, and instead remember how important it is to feel.

Every year, the sun is in Pisces from about February 18 to March 20. During this time, it asks us to shift our energies away from the brilliant, detached intellectualism of Aquarius, and toward empathy, intuition, spirituality. Aquarius season was an opportunity to treasure your wild individuality, to lean into the qualities that make you unlike anyone else. But each zodiac sign builds on and learns from the one that came before it, and now Pisces season asks us to recognize that even though we’re all unique, we’re still connected, interdependent. The barriers that keep us isolated from each other aren’t quite as solid as they appeared to be.

Many of these qualities can be traced to the fact that Pisces is a water sign. In astrology, water is the element of feeling and intuition. These signs are less concerned with details and practicalities than they are with the emotional currents running beneath the surface, less focused on the material world than the realm of the heart.

Like all the water signs, Pisces is emotionally oriented, feeling everything deeply. There’s a bit of a stereotype (which you’re likely familiar with if you’ve spent any time looking at astrology memes) that Pisces cries all the time: Happiness, loneliness, and rage are all equally able to trigger tears. This doesn’t mean that you’ll spend this whole season weeping, but you should expect to become reacquainted with your deeper emotions. You don’t have to do anything with them just now — don’t think of them as data points, or puzzles to solve, or obstacles to overcome. All Pisces season really asks is that you experience them.

As the final sign of the zodiac year, incorporating the wisdom, energies, and lessons of all the preceding signs, Pisces also has a uniquely spiritual outlook, able to see beyond the individual — even beyond the community — to the cosmic. A Pisces’s intuition can be so impressive that it seems supernatural. You may not become more psychic during Pisces season (though on the other hand, you could!), but you’ll likely be drawn to things whose power you can’t rationally explain — from art to tarot to your dreams.

This aura of magic and emotion means that Pisces season isn’t always the easiest time for planning, maneuvering, or negotiating matters down here on earth. Don’t worry if your ambitions recede to the back of your mind for now. Take this opportunity to listen to the songs that make you feel way too much, to write poems, to call your friends just to tell them how much they matter to you. If you need a release, give yourself the gift of a good, hard cry. After a long and draining astrological year, your soul could use some care, and Pisces season is the time for it.

Sometimes, all of this openness and vulnerability can end up veering into passivity and a lack of control over your own life. When you’re receptive to the world’s magic, aware of all the cosmic forces at play in your life, it’s easy to fall into self-pity, to forget that you have power of your own. During Pisces season, don’t forget that you can still make decisions, can help others in important ways, can choose how to use your gifts.

At its best, Pisces season’s compassion and generosity will inform, not hinder, your movement through the world. Don’t underestimate Pisces’s power: Water sign doesn’t mean watered down. Just look at Rihanna! Pisces season is a reminder that honoring your emotions, your compassion, your belief in something bigger than yourself, doesn’t have to make you silly or weak: It can teach you new ways to face the world and make you stronger than ever.

Your Guide to Pisces Season