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How to Make Astrology’s Spookiest Planet Work for You

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Mysterious and transformative, Pluto commands our attention — even if, as of August 24, 2006, it’s no longer technically considered part of our solar system. (For all my Pluto loyalists, don’t worry. From an astrological perspective, Pluto isn’t going anywhere!) But what does it actually mean in astrology? And what does it mean for you individually? Read on, my friend. This is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Pluto but were too afraid to ask (honestly, with good reason).

First, what does Pluto symbolize in astrology?

Discovered in 1930 and located a casual 3.9 billion miles from the sun, this extraordinarily distant and fascinatingly tiny object was dubbed Pluto after the Roman god of the underworld (with Hades as the Greek counterpart). Like its mythological namesake, Pluto beckons us to explore the depths of transformation — it’s associated with secrets, clandestine information, and monumental metamorphoses experienced over a lifetime.

Pluto’s influence is intense, life-altering, and profound. Governing themes such as power, control, sexuality, and the psychological depths of our subconscious, this planet demands that we go deeper, exploring the truths that lie beneath the surface.

Afraid? Who isn’t! Pluto is next-level intimidating! But remember, Pluto speaks to the concept of veracity. It evokes courage, bravery, and the strength to overcome even the most seemingly impossible circumstances. With the support of Pluto, you have what it takes to not just survive but actually thrive.

What does Pluto’s orbit look like?

The slow dismantling that defines Pluto’s character is reflected in its cosmic position. Unlike the “personal planets” in astrology (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), which move quickly and impact our day-to-day experiences, Pluto’s orbit is slow. It takes Pluto 248 years to complete a rotation. That means everyone in a generational classification is born with Pluto in the same zodiac sign: Most Gen-Xers were born with Pluto in Libra (1971–83), millennials were born with Pluto in Scorpio (1983–95), and Gen-Zers were born with Pluto in Sagittarius (1995–2008). We’ll only get to experience a few Pluto ingresses (when a planet moves into a new zodiac sign) in a single lifetime.

Astrologically speaking, 2023 was a very big deal, as Pluto officially transitioned from Capricorn to Aquarius, undoubtedly marking a new era defined by technology, innovation, and revolution.

Finally, what does Pluto mean for you?

Your Pluto placement — exactly where it was in the sky on the day, time and location when you were born — reveals what profound transformation means for you as an individual. Its placement signifies the themes and circumstances that challenge you to face your shadows and engage in deep self-reflection and psychological expansion. By confronting the wounds and murkiness embedded in your Pluto placement, you’ll unlock the tools to release limiting beliefs, break destructive generational patterns, and access your highest potential.

To really understand Pluto’s influence on a personal level, I recommend unpacking Pluto by way of the house it occupies in your astrological birth chart. The astrological houses reveal different areas of life, so by locating which house Pluto influences, you’ll be able to identify where it impacts you the most. To do this, download the TimePassages app for iPhone or Android (my fave!) or visit and enter your date, time, and location of your birth.

After you’ve located Pluto in your birth chart, use the table below to explore its powerful influence. Pluto’s position reveals where you’ll experience radical transformation, how to conjure your innate power, how you’re best equipped to disrupt generational patterns, and even ways you can continue to evolve throughout your lifetime. But remember, there’s no need to rush. Pluto moves slowly, which means these experiences will reveal themselves when they’re ready to be explored. After all, rising from the ashes takes time!

  • Pluto in the First House: Transformation through identity and personal freedoms
  • Pluto in the Second House: Transformation through resources and values
  • Pluto in the Third House: Transformation through friendships and communication
  • Pluto in the Fourth house: Transformation through family and generational healing
  • Pluto in the Fifth House: Transformation through arts and passion
  • Pluto in the Sixth House: Transformation through physical health and daily habits
  • Pluto in the Seventh House: Transformation through partnership and contracts
  • Pluto in the Eighth House: Transformation through healing and memories
  • Pluto in the Ninth House: Transformation through expansion and philosophy
  • Pluto in the Tenth House: Transformation through career and legacy
  • Pluto in the Eleventh House: Transformation through community and revolution
  • Pluto in the Twelfth House: Transformation through meditation and psychology

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How to Make Astrology’s Spookiest Planet Work for You