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Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Imani Randolph

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Imani Randolph has been meticulously planning her looks since she was a kid. “I was drawing my outfits in second or third grade,” she says. “I’ve had these sketches of my outfits since forever, and I still do it. Once I wear an outfit I’ve sketched out, I put a check next to it.” And if you scroll through the model Instagram page (@champagnemani), it’s clear that her strategy is working.

Now, as an adult, Randolph is spending less time on Old Navy’s website sketching her getups and more time scanning sites like Ssense. She also keeps a running set of links open in Safari on her phone; her current tabs include Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince on 1stDibs, Fonseca, Tank Air, and Dôen.

She’s intentional when it comes to shopping and style — she takes time to bookmark links to avoid impulse buys and screenshots whatever inspires her. “I watch a lot of movies and TV, so I’m always taking screenshots and looking up stills,” she says. “I recently watched The Wire. I loved all the outerwear and proportions in that show. I also watched Gangs of New York; there’s great jewelry in that movie. I took a bunch of screen grabs of that.”

Outside of movies and film, she turns to ’90s and early-aughts runway shows: “I think my style is more minimal these days, so I’m always looking at Prada and Miu Miu and thinking about the simplicity of silhouette.”

Below, see where Randolph got the pieces that made it into her curated wardrobe and home.

What’s the last thing you bought?

A top from Entire Studios. It’s a draped, ruched top that you can wear off the shoulder or pulled up like a hood. I was so bummed it was sold out in black because I wear a lot of black, but I got the gray. I got it three days ago, and I wore it right after it came in the mail.

Where did you get the inanimate object that brings you the most joy?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My Ancco figure is from Heaven by Marc Jacobs. I’ve been following them for a long time, and they’re a mixed-media artist. They post a lot of illustrations and prints. Growing up, I made a lot of art; I always took art classes in high school, and college even though I was an urban studies major, I would always take a studio-art class. I made a lot of sculptures from clay, glass, or wood, so I have a soft spot for sculpture. So when I saw they were making sculptures, I said, I have to have it. I set an alarm because the pressure was on. A lot of Ssense’s stuff sells out quickly, so I had to pull the trigger.

Where did you get what’s on your nightstand?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My favorite candle is from Loewe. I got it as a gift for Christmas. It’s so fragrant — even if it’s not lit I can smell it wafting over. I was definitely drawn to how sculptural it is. I don’t think of myself as being that picky, but my family wanted a list of what I would want for Christmas, so I included the candle. My mom’s boyfriend got it for me. It was really sweet and earned him some “cool” points.

Where did you get your favorite piece of clothing?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My Miu Miu SS22 pleated skirt is from a Moda Operandi trunk show. That collection was so major. It was in every editorial, but what got the most notoriety was that pleated micromini, and it inspired dozens of knockoffs and influenced the way people were styling themselves at that moment. I saw the micromini and the midi, and I had been looking for a pleated skirt forever. Also, being a size 16, it’s really hard to find certain staples, so I was struggling to find the right one. I was shocked to see the pieces in the trunk show and in my size. The micromini has a timestamp on it, while the midi feels timeless.

Where did you get the item you wear the most?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My whipped cotton long-sleeve top from Negative Underwear. It’s my absolute favorite. It can be worn as loungewear or pajamas, too. It’s so perfect because the sleeves are really long, which I like because I like a little emo moment. I’m very thoughtful about proportions. Having a body that isn’t the primary focus for a lot of clothing brands, I really care about finding pieces that give me the option to play with proportions in a way that makes me feel good and makes my outfits more interesting. This is so soft and slightly sheer. I can layer something underneath it. It’s nice if you want to add a little sensuality to an outfit but not show cleavage.

Where did you get your signature scent?

My best friend, Gina, is a perfumer; she blessed me with my own scent. I also love Byredo’s tobacco mandarin. For Valentine’s Day, we brought each other gifts, and she brought a little bottle from the lab. It’s a running joke that she has the best nose and can identify any scents but I’m notoriously bad at it. Either I like it or I don’t — but I can’t put a finger on why. The perfume she made me is very fresh and not heavy at all, so it’s good for everyday. The Byredo fragrance is the opposite: It’s really noticeable and people will smell it on you.

Where did you get your favorite pair of shoes?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My favorite pairs of mary janes are from Ganni and Sandy Liang. The Ganni style has the cuteness but also a vibram sole, so it feels more heavy-duty and sturdy than satin. It has a bit of toughness and it’s very wearable; I like to wear it with jeans or a skirt. It suits the silhouette I’m often wearing.

The Sandy Liang mary jane feels more special and precious. I’ve been in the Sandy Liang orbit for a long time; I met her in 2018, walked in one of her shows, and did a couple of shoots with the brand, so it’s been fun to see how the identity has stayed true but the world around it has been built up. You can spot most Sandy Liang girls from a mile away, and that’s a whole world you can participate in. Based on how my style has evolved, I think the flat is a piece in the Sandy Liang world that can be worn in any way. I like a bit of contrast in my outfits — you have that kind of sweetness but also the toughness and darkness too, because I don’t wear a ton of color these days. I think something sweet and special like the satin flat brings something unexpected to the outfit.

Where did you get the item you’ll never get rid of?

Photo: Imani Randolph

My Wales Bonner knit is form Ssense. I learned about Grace Wales Bonner when I interned at the Fader; I was a style writing intern, and my editor had given me an assignment about her. I thought she was cool. She’s Jamaican, and my mom’s from Jamaica. I just really admired her style and taste. So when I saw it on Ssense, I thought it was a good opportunity to own a piece from this designer I admired. It’s from the Lover’s Rock collection and it made me think of my mom, family, and Sade (my middle name and my mom’s favorite artist). There was so much sentimental value.

Where do you get your favorite gifts to give?

Petee’s Pie and 99. Whenever I visit my family I like to bring them a pie. My friend introduced Petee’s to me, and I like to get a slice when I can. I also like 99 — they do pop-ups at restaurants and parties. The baker accepts orders and made my birthday cake for the past two years. She does unique flavors like black sesame and condensed-milk cake. They’re light, fluffy, and so good.

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