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10 Non-Boring White Shirts to Wear to Work

Photo: Nabile Quenum

Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual — here to make your weekdays easier.

What’s in your closet right now? Chances are, you have a section devoted to white button-downs. Also likely: most of them are dingy from wear and tear. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to spring-clean your wardrobe and get a few new tops to throw into the work-week rotation.

You could, of course, buy yet another practical white blouse, but why not take the opportunity to try something more interesting? Try a shirt with details that are creative but still professional, like a portrait-collar neckline, slightly puffed sleeves, or delicate pleats. Scroll on to shop some of our favorite non-boring, work-friendly white shirts.

If You Like Off-the-Shoulder Tops

This shirt isn’t as revealing as a true off-the-shoulder top, but it still feels fresh for warm weather.

The Runway Look-alike

The poufy sleeves and covered buttons remind us of Jacquemus’s designs.

If You Like Meghan Markle’s Style

She’s a fan of the contrast-trim pea coat, so why not a contrast-trim blouse?

The Classic With a Surprise

Don’t be fooled by the plain front — the delicate pleated back flares out to give your work outfit a bit of drama.

The Subtle Waist-Cincher

The tie at the waist creates the illusion of being nipped in without making you feel restricted.

The Best for High-Waisted Pants

The cropped silhouette is also good for skirts that hit above your belly button.

If You Like Long Tops

This tunic skims the bottom of your butt and looks especially cool with wide-legged trousers.

If You Want Something Simple

Ruching has a bad reputation, but here it gives the shirt some visual interest.

The Trendy One

With its high neck and delicate embroidery, this blouse touches on the prairie-girl moment happening on Instagram.

The Fancy One

Take it from some smart successful women: Tops that can go from the office to dressy, after-hour work events are clutch.

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10 Non-Boring White Shirts to Wear to Work