1. the it girl issue
    She Played ‘Lisa E.’ for Two and a Half YearsThen decided it was time to get out.
  2. the urbanist
    What Do Royals Do All Day?They paint, they get accused of fraud, they run boutiques, they chain-smoke.
  3. fall fashion issue
    Hedi Girls: The Women Inspiring Hedi SlimaneIncluding one he just might make into his next big star.
  4. christian louboutin
    Slideshow: Party Photos From Christian Louboutin’s Book Launch Last NightBlake Lively, Elettra Weidemann, Garance Doré, and more.
  5. party lines
    See Fergie, Jessica White, Kyle MacLachlan, and More at Heidi Klum’s Twelfth Annual Halloween PartyAlso, Heidi tells us it took her six hours to get her costume on and three months to make it.