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    Your Parents’ Romantic Lives Don’t Have to Determine Your OwnToo many of us are ruled by fear of replicating — or not replicating — our parents’ romantic lives.
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    Stop Telling Single Women How to Find a ManSingleness isn’t a problem to be solved.
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    My Boyfriend Isn’t My Best Friend — My Cat IsAs my relationship status has changed, my cat’s life has too.
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    Stop Hating on Other People’s WeddingsIt reveals a lot more about you than it does about the happy couple.
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    Feeling Lonely When You’re Single Doesn’t Mean You’re WeakSo why do we keep telling people it’s not?
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    First the Breakup. Then the Screenshots.Digital artifacts feel less serious yet more scandalous than physical objects.
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    Is Every Couple Hanging Out Without Me?I started getting many more social invitations the minute I got into a relationship.
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    Why I’m Buying a House Without a Family to Put in ItComing face to face with fears about money, regret, and loneliness.
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    Attention, New Couples: Go All Out This Valentine’s DayAllow yourself to be vulnerable and expressive in a horrible world plagued by ironic detachment and blasé courting patterns. 
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    Tinder Is the New Meet-CuteYour grandchildren will find your online-dating story so adorably quaint.
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    Misadventures in the Age of Butt Stuff Straight people are having more anal, but that doesn’t mean they’ve all figured it out.
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    Marriage and Two Kids: A Most Scandalous FantasyForget about bondage.
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    The Unlikely Appeal of the Dick VideoWhen solicited, of course.
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    Stop Wasting Your Time on Bad First DatesKnow when it’s time to get out.
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    An Ode to the Hometown Friends Who Got AwayYour lives look different on Instagram, but not everything has changed.
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    The Enduring Appeal of a Skater BoiIt’s a middle-school fantasy come to life.
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    Why I Have My Face in My Naked SelfiesDespite the (perfectly sensible) conventional wisdom.
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    Stop Flirting by CommitteeWhat gets lost when we workshop every text.