1. parenting
    Is It Possible to Raise Your Child Entirely Without Gender From Birth?Some parents are trying.
  2. dreamers
    Meet Catalina Cruz, the Queens Dreamer Running for Office“Did we go through everything we went through for you to be mediocre?”
  3. science experiments
    Can You Biohack Your Fertility?One Silicon Valley doctor’s pursuit of the Holy Grail: a way to predict the future.
  4. cut cover story
    When Brother and Sister Became Sister and BrotherJeena Bloom wasn’t surprised when her brother Felix came out as a trans man. But when Jeena came out as a trans woman, their relationship took on a new dimension.
  5. sex on campus
    College Virgins Are a Mostly Silent Almost-MajorityThe long before.
  6. love and war
    What Life Is Like for Wives of Trans WomenFor trans women, arriving at a new gender is cathartic and thrilling. For the women they married when they were living as men, it can be wrenching.
  7. trans world
    How Exactly Do You Teach Femininity?Meet a woman using gender stereotypes to help trans people present their true selves.
  8. profile
    Lupita Nyong’o, From Unknown to ‘It’ Girl in Less Than a YearSince 12 Years a Slave, she’s become one of the faces of Miu Miu, filmed the upcoming action-thriller Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, and watched live from her hotel room as she was nominated for an Oscar.
  9. profile
    Perez Hilton Has Baby, Wishes He Could Be Pregnant, Vows to Be Better ManInside the semi-reformed gossipmonger’s attempt at a moral makeover.
  10. encounter
    97 Minutes With Alexa Chung “I play guitar a bit. I’m trying to learn drums—I feel like I can play violin. I’ve never tried, but I just feel like I can.”
  11. self-help
    The Carefully Cultivated Soul of SoulCycle“Come on, you sexy spin bitches.”
  12. fashion
    Is Fivestory’s Claire Distenfeld the Lena Dunham of High-End Retail?She ended her quarter-life crisis — and her father’s midlife crisis — by creating the New York boutique of her dreams.