1. Found: New York City’s Hottest Taxi DriverStart your meters.
  2. Jimmy Fallon’s Newly Released Pocket-Square iPhone Case Isn’t a JokeAvailable at J.Crew.
  3. Mo’Nique’s Husband Has a ‘Pass to Cheat’She does too. “I don’t want to be owned anymore,” she said.
  4. Is James Bond’s Wife Trying to Send a Secret Message? Scary. Very scary.
  5. Tiny, Terrifying Karate Girl Could Easily Kill YouLevel of cuteness: deadly.
  6. Rose McGowan Slams Caitlyn Jenner, Then Apologizes, Sort Of“Woman of the year? Not by a fucking shot,” she wrote.
  7. There’s a Mean Girl on the Loose in HollywoodBella Thorne blasts a “very, very mean” star.
  8. Rihanna Has More Socks to Sell YouNicki Minaj, Jenner Girls, and Katy Perry also share holiday collections.
  9. Zayn Malik: One Direction Music Isn’t ‘Cool’ Enough to Play Around GirlsSpeaking of girls, he wants everyone to know he didn’t dump his ex via text.
  10. repro rights
    An Estimated 100,000 Women in Texas Have Attempted to Self-Induce an AbortionA new study reveals devastating numbers. 
  11. Temporary Freckle Tattoos May Be Coming SoonThe future looks freckle-y.
  12. Harper Beckham Met Prince Harry, Didn’t Care One BitIs there anything this little girl likes?
  13. Kate Moss May Be Following You On InstagramShe can’t take a selfie, but she knows about Snapchat thank you very much.
  14. Makers of Period Panties Introduce Version for Trans MenTrans model and artist Sawyer Devuyst introduces the new line in a moving video. 
  15. Golf Partially Responsible for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s CareerThe first interesting story about golf ever.
  16. knockout
    Ronda Rousey Gets Knocked OutPreviously undefeated champ loses, but we’re still waiting on her post-game bad-mouthing. 
  17. Adele Says She’s Finally Over Her ExMaybe she is, maybe she isn’t.
  18. Julia Roberts Knows the Secret to Marital BlissFamous married person shares strange tip you may have inadvertently tried.
  19. love and war
    Inside Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards Jared Leto’s hair was in attendance, not awarded.
  20. repro rights
    The First Legal Abortion Providers Tell Their StoriesSeven physicians on the pre- and post-Roe world.
  21. style icons
    Joan Didion: She Loves a Good Hair ClipAn unsung style legacy.
  22. rights
    Report: Trans Students Mistreated in NY Schools Even after a 2010 nondiscrimination act, schools often fail to accommodate trans and gender-nonconforming students.
  23. love and war
    Simply Acknowledging Trans People Isn’t EnoughOutrage over a Times story.
  24. bloody mess
    Menstruation Can Become Humiliation in PrisonsFemale inmates are routinely denied tampons and pads.
  25. terrible things
    How One Tweet About Femicide Sparked a Movement in ArgentinaAs brutal murders rise, Argentine women call for an end to femicide.
  26. uncanny valley
    Coming Soon: Sex Dolls That Talk Back to YouThe Real Dolls creator shares his next venture, Realbotix.
  27. data
    How Big Is the Transgender Population?Numbers are surprisingly hard to come by.
  28. injustice
    When Police Brutalize Pregnant WomenA seemingly isolated incident begins to look more like a persistent problem.
  29. q&a
    Finally! Cool, Solid Workwear for Women“No pink,” promises Gamine founder Taylor Johnston.
  30. party pics
    The Night I Fell in Love With Gucci’s New DesignerMaybe it was how he left his own party.
  31. Not Everyone Liked Caitlyn Jenner’s VF CoverLots of praise, but also some transphobia.
  32. drugs
    What’s the Real Deal With ‘Female Viagra’?Is the fight for a new drug about feminism or pharmaceutical lobbying?
  33. shmashmortion
    California to Ban Crisis Pregnancy Centers From Lying to PatientsSlut shaming: not an effective birth-control method.
  34. teens
    This High School Is a Birth-Control UtopiaSure, teens should have access to free birth control, but this school-based clinic in Seattle really stands out.
  35. q&a
    Heather ‘Dooce’ Armstrong Talks Life After Mommy-BloggingHer rabid fans, the ethics of writing about her kids, and calling it quits after blogging for 14 years.
  36. shmashmortion
    Forced Ultrasounds: ‘Just a Cool Thing,’ Says Scott WalkerSilly media, trying to make state-mandated vaginal probes “sound like a crazy idea.”
  37. VA Can’t Cover IVF for Injured SoldiersRepublicans in Congress think embryos are more important.
  38. victim-blaming
    Not Every Rape Victim Needs to Be Emma SulkowiczWhen we put the burden of speaking out on survivors, we let ourselves off the hook.
  39. shmashmortion
    Pro-Lifers Change Their Minds When Abortion Gets PersonalTake family-values representative Scott DesJarlais, who doesn’t support abortion unless he knows someone who needs one.
  40. shmashmortion
    House Passes a Ban on Abortions After 20 WeeksThe bill would make it difficult for rape survivors to access abortion care.
  41. quotables
    Cate Blanchett: I’ve Dated Women ‘Many Times’She talks about gender inequality in Hollywood and not labeling sexual orientation.
  42. college
    Did Yik Yak Attacks Culminate in a Murder?Feminists at the University of Mary Washington say the school ignored the violent threats they received.
  43. q&a
    Teen Moms Need Support, Not ShameThat’s why two young mothers are speaking out about their experiences.
  44. ruh-roh
    Chlamydia Hits High School With Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed PolicyImmaculate infection.
  45. stats
    The U.S. Is Still a Terrible Place for Maternal HealthAnd other facts from a new report on mothers and children worldwide.
  46. our selfies ourselves
    Kim Kardashian Taught Me How to Take a Selfie“Keep your chin up.”
  47. money
    Can Talking About Our Salaries End the Wage Gap?A hashtag campaign to bring pay disparities out in the open.
  48. black lives matter
    It’s Time to Talk About the Female Victims of Police BrutalityTheir stories don’t fit the conventional narrative, but they need to be heard.
  49. breaking news
    The Nigerian Girls Kidnapped a Year Ago Still Aren’t Free [Updated]A group rescued by the military did not include the Chibok girls who inspired #bringbackourgirls.
  50. q&a
    How a Serial Killer Got Away With ItBy preying on poor black women, according to Nick Broomfield’s new documentary.
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