1. look book
    The Retired Stagehand Who Sold Newspapers as a Kid“I’d buy the paper for a nickel and go into bars and sell it for a quarter.’”
  2. look book
    The Art-World Fixtures Who Lunch at The Four Seasons“We have a monthly lunch at The Four Seasons. I always end with the vanilla ice cream.”
  3. look book
    The Art Adviser Who Lives in 3 Countries“Throughout the year, I live between Istanbul, New York, and London.”
  4. look book
    The Artist Who Wears His Mother’s Coat“There’s a nice continuity to wearing your parents’ clothes.”
  5. cut cover story
    Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With FriendsGoing with a group means you can afford a seaside villa. But will you all like each other by the end of the trip? 
  6. look book
    The Pescatarian Vintage Buyer Who Wears Fur“I thought it was kind of gruesome at first, but then I thought, Well, if I’m going to wear an animal, I might as well wear its face.”
  7. look book
    The Mormon Model Who Writes Poetry on the Side“I’m from the same town as the model Lucky Blue Smith. I actually went to the prom with one of his sisters.”
  8. look book
    The Fashion Blogger Who Started As a Model“I knew I wouldn’t be a model forever, but I thought, I don’t know, maybe I’d be an accountant or something.”
  9. look book
    The Professional Boxer Who Has 11 Titles“I was the only girl on our high-school wrestling team — there was a petition from the other schools to have me taken off because I would beat the boys and make them cry.”
  10. look book
    The Attorney Who Almost Always Wears Bow Ties“I found that people would remember me and be like, ‘Oh, you’re the guy with the bow tie.’ And I thought, Well, that’s not bad, that’ll be my little brand.”
  11. reasons to love new york
    A Clique With a Kennedy, a Matisse, and a TrumpMinor celebrities thanks to the Rich Kids of Instagram blog, they have leveraged their hundreds of thousands of followers to further their personal brands.
  12. look book
    The UPS Driver Who Used to Work in Fashion“I hemmed these pants and would love to slim down the shirt a bit, get it darted, but I’d need permission to do that.”
  13. look book
    The Ceramic Artist Who Has Lived in 6 Countries“I was born in Saudi Arabia — we were actually airlifted out at the beginning of the Gulf War — and I grew up in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Scotland before settling in Houston.”
  14. look book
    The ’80s Rocker Who Doesn’t Go Out Much Anymore“I’ll only go out if I’m seeing a band that I got a demo from that I might produce.”
  15. look book
    The Art Student Who Dyes Her Hair Gray“I want to show that even though my skin is tan, I’m gray, because my mother is white and my father is African-American.”
  16. look book
    The Equestrian Rider Who Worked on the Bernie Madoff Case“It was annoying — not only was he so awful, but there was so much paperwork!”
  17. look book
    The Retired Modeling Agent Who Loves Empire“I started my own agency — we represented Twiggy — but went off to be assistant to the actor Yul Brynner, who was dating my roommate at the time.”
  18. look book
    The Former Child Actor With an Epic Beard“Total strangers will come up to me on the street and just grab it.”
  19. look book
    The Pro-Throuple Store Planner in a Margiela Dress“I started wearing dresses when I lived in the Middle East, and then when I came into my queer self, I started playing more with de-gendering clothing.”
  20. profile
    The CEO Selling Clothes That Speak InternetErin Yogasundram’s teenage buyers think she’s totally bae AF.
  21. look book
    The ‘85-Year-Old Wonder’ in Purposefully Mismatched Socks“I’m always at the theater, the ballet, the opera, the movies. Last year, I saw 1,049 movies. But I don’t like computers. … Nancy Sinatra has been saying that I have to get on email. ”
  22. look book
    The NYU Student Moonlighting as a DJ“If you want to be a member of my squad, you have to be down for the cause; you can’t just be at home all the time, you have to be spur of the moment, because life is spur of the moment.”
  23. look book
    The Would-Be High-School Valedictorian in His Cap and Gown“My school actually doesn’t do that stuff, but if they did, I would be. I had the highest GPA: a 4.0, a 96-point-something.”
  24. look book
    The Brooklyn Artist in a ‘Lesbian Cowgirl’ Outfit“I grew up in Tribeca — all my friends were kids of artists and musicians, and people didn’t lock their doors.”
  25. television
    Meet the Woman With the Real Dirt on Upper East Side MomsNative daughter Jill Kargman is Edith Wharton by way of Bravo.
  26. look book
    The Student With an Ear-Shaped Earring“Dedicated to a guy I was seeing who just wouldn’t listen to me.”
  27. look book
    The Activist Art Student Who Dons a Mock Turtleneck“My roommate and I have also been running a small gallery out of our basement in Chelsea.”
  28. The Legend of the Never-Ending Polo BearInside the Loch Ness Monster of streetwear.
  29. I Was a Tweenage Baby-Tee FiendA quest for the perfect tiny fitted T-shirt.
  30. The Pennsylvanian Transplant Channeling Marilyn Monroe“I always wanted to end up in New York. During my first month here, I was that idiot who couldn’t stop smiling.”
  31. fogo
    FOGO Is the New FOMOLeaving the house is so two years ago.  
  32. look book
    The Musician Who Got Matching Tattoos With His Mom“I was the youngest of six, and we were in a traveling gospel band. My dad thought he was Joe Jackson — I was the youngest, so I was Michael.” 
  33. look book
    The Writer Who Went Redhead After a Breakup“For a long time I was dating a redhead, and I couldn’t dye my hair red because we’d look like siblings.”
  34. look book
    Look Book: The Austrian Twins Who Share a Bed“We have one closet and share most of our clothes.”
  35. look book
    Look Book: The English Model-Actor-Chef“I found myself dancing next to Miley Cyrus. I remember thinking, I never want to leave New York.
  36. look book
    Look Book: The Student With a Septum Ring“I got it in high school, but for a few years I had to wear it up in my nose so my mom couldn’t see it.”
  37. look book
    Look Book: The Vuitton-Toting Writer“I just got back from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.”
  38. look book
    Look Book: The Photographer Dad and Model Son“I like when they dress me up, but it hurts to smile because my tooth is hurting more and more.”
  39. look book
    Look Book: The Victorian-Era High-School Photographer“Creativity runs in our family; my mom was a model and is now a writer, and my dad was the lead singer of the Cars.”
  40. look book
    Look Book: The Dutch Cheese Demonstrator“I grew up with cheese and eat it every day. My uncle owns a cheese business and asked me to work for him.”
  41. look book
    Look Book: The Marketers With Matching Leopard Sweats“We both showed up at the airport this morning and were like, ‘What the hell?’”
  42. Look Book: The Caftan-Loving Hairstylist“I’ve always had this really flowy bohemian style.”
  43. look book
    Look Book: The Goodwill-Shopping Art Teacher“I used to shop at Urban Outfitters, but now that I’m middle class and can actually afford it, I find it ridiculously overpriced.”
  44. look book
    Look Book: The Chanel-Devoted Housewife“Chanel threw me a surprise birthday party at their store. Can you imagine? It was fabulous.”
  45. Under the Tuscan Sun Is a Normcore Mood BoardLike a Gap Outlet exploded all over Italy.
  46. q&a
    Anastasia Krupnik Is the Neurotic YA Heroine You Forgot You LovedTalking to Lois Lowry about her cult-favorite series.
  47. look book
    Look Book: The Dancer With a Cyndi Lauper Vibe“I really want to meet her someday, so I can be like, ‘Look, I look a lot like you, maybe we should hang out or do a photo shoot together or something.’”
  48. look book
    Look Book: The Thrift-Shopping Dance Student“Comme des Garçons is my favorite brand — you can dress it up or dress it down, but you just look like you have money when you wear their clothing.”
  49. look book
    Look Book: The Coastguardsman Turned Model “I just finished modeling for a ten-week sculpture class: I had to do the same pose five times a week for ten weeks, three hours at a time.”
  50. look book
    Look Book: The HIV Advocate Who Was Almost in Paris Is Burning“My friends and I were all into the ball scene; I was in the House of Africa and competed in the ‘runway model effect’ category.”
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