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    Diane Von Furstenberg Has Submitted Sketches for Michelle Obama’s Inaugural GownAlexander Wang hasn’t, on the other hand, but if she’s ready for his ripped jeans, all she has to do is call.
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    Christian Siriano Talks Nipples and NuptialsWhen Siriano gets married, he wants his million-dollar ‘People’ cover.
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    Patti Smith on Oral Hygiene“I got her confused. I thought she was the one who was married to John McEnroe, but that’s another Patti Smith” — well, Patty Smyth.
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    At ‘Coco Chanel’ Premiere, Phillip Bloch Tells of Being Foreclosed UponThe stylist–designer–reality-TV star told us that the struggling economy has hit close to home — literally.
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    Foxy Brown Gets Alexander Wang to Booty-ShakeWe caught Foxy Brown after her performance at Alexander Wang after-party at Cortlandt Alley last night, her first show in NYC since being released from Rikers Island earlier this year.