Aliza Kelly is a writer and astrologer with over ten years of experience. She has written four books about astrology and mysticism; her most recent is titled There Are No Coincidences: A Manifestation Deck & Guidebook. She publishes the weekly Substack The Curiosity Report and is a recurring guest on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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    Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse in Aries to Change YouAccording to astrology, Monday’s cosmic event is guaranteed to transform your life. Casual!
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    How to Understand Every Zodiac Sign, by ElementIt’s probably the easiest way to get a handle on each sign’s qualities.
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    A Guide to the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and AquariusAir signs are intellectual and communicative, and prone to overindulging in fantasy.
  4. astrology
    A Guide to the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and PiscesWater signs are deep and intuitive, teeming with wet emotion and flowing feelings.
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    A Guide to the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and CapricornEarth signs tend to be stable, grounded, and practical, concerned with material things and sensuality.
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    A Guide to the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and SagittariusFire signs are passionate and brash, craving action and attention.
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    After Mercury Retrograde Comes Mercury RetroshadeLet us explain.
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    This Mercury Retrograde in Aries Will Be Peak ChaosAnd it starts today. Buckle up!
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    A Handy Guide to the Lunar Eclipse in LibraIncluding what to avoid.
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    What Is the Part of Fortune In Astrology?A closer look at the lucky “pot of gold” spot on your birth chart.
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    Some Love Horoscopes for Valentine’s DayPlan your heart-shaped holiday accordingly.
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    A Guide to Understanding Mercury in AstrologyThe planet is about a lot more than just retrograde chaos.
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    Buckle Up: Pluto in Aquarius Is Bringing More Unprecedented TimesThis astrological transit means big change is coming. Utopian paradise or dystopian hellscape? That remains TBD.
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    Some Astrological Predictions for Your New Year’s EveSo you can plan your last night of 2023 accordingly.
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    What 2024 Will Look Like, Astrologically SpeakingIt’s gonna be a doozy, friends.
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    This Next Mercury Retrograde Will Force You to Reevaluate Your BoundariesJust in time for those New Year’s resolutions!
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    Maybe Plan Your Month Around the Phases of the MoonYour Gcal, but make it astrology.
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    Make Plans to Chill During This Weekend’s Lunar EclipseKeep the drama to a minimum — trust me.
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    This Weekend’s Solar Eclipse Might Transform YouSome astrological advice for how to brace for it. (Starting with, don’t stare at the sun.)
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    How Astrologers Track Planets to Explain Pretty Much AnythingWelcome to Astrology 2.0: Aspects.
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    Get Your Ambition Back With MarsAn astrological guide to the planet that will help you tap into whatever it is that drives you.
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    Mercury Retrograde Is Back … and It’s a Good Thing?!Here’s how to make the most of it.
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    Astrology’s Secret Weapon to Understanding Your Romantic RelationshipsA guide to all things Venus — yes, including Venus retrograde.
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    A Handy Guide to (Surviving) Your Saturn ReturnAn existential crisis triggered by the universe can be a good thing!
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    Venus Retrograde Is Coming for Your SummerThe key to surviving it? Just give in.
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    Your Summer Plans, Astrologically SpeakingWake up, babe: it’s the summer solstice. Here’s what you can expect from the stars.
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    How to Make Astrology’s Spookiest Planet Work for YouYes, Pluto is terrifying. No, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
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    Jupiter Is Entering Taurus to Bring Us Some Needed ReliefThank the stars.
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    Yet Another Eclipse Is Coming to Wreak Astrological HavocAnd it’s happening in Scorpio. Chills.
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    The First Eclipse of 2023 Is This WeekendThere’s was a solar eclipse in Aries on April 20, and a lunar eclipse is happening in Scorpio on Friday, May 5. Here’s what to expect.
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    This Solar Eclipse in Aries Will Shake Things UpBatten down the hatches.
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    Yeah, It’s Time for Mercury Retrograde AgainAnd this one is going to force us to loosen up.
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    Pluto Is Entering Aquarius (and Sending Everyone Into a Spiral)The last time this happened was in 1777.
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    This Saturn-in-Pisces Transit Is About to Make Things WeirdIn a good way! Maybe!
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    A Handy Guide to Neptune in AstrologyIt’s a pretty intense planet.
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    Your 2023 Astrological Love ForecastA little Valentine’s Day treat.
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    An Astrological Guide to UranusAstrologers pronounce it Ur-en-es or Ur-ah-nes, so you can keep the jokes to yourself.
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    An Astrological Preview of 2023There’s no easy way to say this: There will be four (four!) Mercury retrogrades. Sorry!
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    Plan Your Future With the North and South Nodes in AstrologyWe’re talking destiny, people!
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    A Handy Guide to Astrology’s Black Moon LilithLots of mystery and intrigue with this one.
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    Asteroids Are a Good Thing — in AstrologyThey’re not harbingers of chaos. They’re harbingers of understanding (your birth chart, specifically).
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    It’s No Coincidence That the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Is on Election DayChaos loves chaos!
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    Gird Your Loins: Mars Retrograde Is ComingThink Mercury retrograde on steroids.
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    A Guided Tour of the 12 Astrological HousesZillow but make it zodiac.
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    The Trick to Understanding Astrological CompatibilityTime to memorize your elements.
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    This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Will Challenge Your RelationshipsNot that that’s a bad thing.
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    Astrology Birth Charts 101A guide to calculating and interpreting your natal chart.
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    Why Jupiter Retrograde Is Good News for YouFor one, it’s not Mercury.
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    Chiron Is the Therapist of the CosmosUnderstanding this in your astrological birth chart will help you find all sorts of healing.
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    Rising Sign: What Is It, and What Does It Mean?Your ascendent sign explains everything — like, actually.
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