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  1. celebrity breakups
    2019 Winter TCA Tour - FOX - Arrivals
    Every Truly Wild Detail From Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s DivorceAt least one baked potato was harmed. So far.
  2. taylor swift
    Who’s in Taylor Swift’s Squad Now?Place your bets on those Tortured Poets Department music-video cameos.
  3. bravoholics
    The Valley - Season 1
    Everyone on The Valley Needs to Read Fair PlayThe Vanderpump Rules spinoff is a boozy reality show about … the unequal division of household labor in heterosexual marriages?
  4. royals
    The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal
    Who Is Rose Hanbury and Why Can’t Kate Middleton Escape Her?Those pesky rumors of an affair between Prince William and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley are back.
  5. celebrity
    A Tour Through All the Cyrus Family DramaMiley is on the outs with dad Billy Ray? Tish married her daughter Noah’s ex? A closer look at the familial drama.
  6. parenting
    Anonymous young woman taking care of her baby while working at home with smartphone
    A Compendium of the Strangest Newborn-Baby Content on TikTokPerhaps that 2-month-old would sleep better if you didn’t have a ring light trained on him.
  7. relationships
    What Does the Postseason Look Like for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?Now that our collective honeymoon phase is over, what now?
  8. the internet
    Who Is That Model Making Homemade Cereal on TikTok?A Nara Smith primer.
  9. culture
    Which New Celebrity Couples Will Make It Through 2024?I’m pulling for Meryl and Martin, personally.
  10. year in review
    2023 Was the Year Celebrity Divorces Got Real MessyA look back at the last 12 months of court filings, anonymous sources, and pap strolls with Taylor Swift.
  11. year in review
    A Tabloid Timeline of Taylor Swift’s Most Chaotic YearIt’s been an era, if you will.
  12. sports!
    A Guide to the Famous NFL Girlfriends Not Named TaylorFor all you new football newbies watching from the sidelines.
  13. bachelor nation
    ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Is the Same Old ShowSo much looked familiar — except maybe the names. Instead of a collection of Kaylees and Ashleighs, we got Peggy, Nancy, and Kathy.
  14. celebrity
    A Bianca Censori PrimerThe woman inside the pantyhose.
  15. celebrity
    The Curious History of Kendall Jenner’s Very Private Dating LifeAccording to “sources,” of course.
  16. keeping up with the royals
    Harry and Meghan Are Not Getting Divorced and They Want You to Know All About ItA close read of the Montecito residents’ PR strategy against the headlines.
  17. snacks
    Eating $44 Grilled Cheese With BarbieDinner at the Malibu Barbie Café in Manhattan is an “experience.”
  18. celebrity marriages
    A Bennifer Year in ReviewIt’s been exactly 365 days since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first tied the knot. (They did it again four weeks later.) Let’s reminisce.
  19. culture
    The Return of the Messy Celebrity DivorceThese exes have traded in conscious uncoupling for something more acrimonious, and, truthfully, it’s refreshing.
  20. niche drama
    Ariana Won Bravo’s Super BowlOn last night’s much-hyped Vanderpump Rules finale, producers finally gave us what we’d been waiting for: Ariana Madix’s big moment. She nailed it.
  21. scandals
    The Great Vanderpump Rules Podcast BoomTalking about Scandoval has become big business for the Bravo cast. What’s everyone going to do when the season ends?
  22. it’s over
    Everyone Announces Their Divorce Like a Celebrity NowA close read of the genre.
  23. the bachelor
    No More RosesEven the contestants know The Bachelor sucks now. So why is anyone still signing up?
  24. the bachelor
    Who Will Win The Bachelor?After a handful of Zoom dates, Zach is back in action, but who will come out on top?
  25. bachelor nation
    Crunching the Numbers on the New Season of The BachelorAccording to @bachelordata, keep your eye on Victoria J.
  26. year in review
    Celeb-Backed Products Got Wild This YearWould you buy a $2,000 cashmere shirt from Brad Pitt? How about an antimicrobial sponge from Eva Mendes?
  27. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Finale Was a Chaotic MessWe saw two proposals, but did they both last?
  28. the bachelorette
    Why Do the Bachelorette Producers Insist on Two Proposals?Two Bachelorettes, two proposals, and a whole lot of misery.
  29. the bachelorette
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestants Get a Little Too Real During Fantasy SuitesThe artifice of this show is crumbling — and the contestants are well aware.
  30. the bachelorette
    ‘The Bachelorette’ Producers Had Better Let Gabby Have Her Happy EndingThe first Fantasy Suite episode ended in tears.
  31. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette’s Male Contestants Try to Make Sense of Their Bad BehaviorThe “Men Tell All” special was one big apology tour.
  32. the bachelorette
    The Most Frenetic Hometown Dates in Bachelorette HistoryProducers tried and failed to speed through seven of them.
  33. the bachelorette
    The Realest Bachelorette Rejection of All TimeThis episode felt like a big step forward for the franchise.
  34. the bachelorette
    So, Who’s Going to Win The Bachelorette(s)?Mid-season front-runners have emerged.
  35. the bachelorette
    This Season’s Bachelorette Villain Finally EmergesDouble the Bachelorettes, double the villains.
  36. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Producers Find a Way to Humiliate Their StarsThe two Bachelorettes get rejected over and over again for no reason.
  37. the bachelorette
    Did Rachel Make a Big Mistake Signing Up for This Bachelorette Duet?Looks like she already wants to quit.
  38. the bachelorette
    There’s No Way This ‘Two Bachelorettes’ Thing Is Going to WorkThe season premiere of The Bachelorette(s) was a mess.
  39. lists
    A Taxonomy of the Essential Post-Bachelor Reality-TV Dating ShowsAll the competitive and manufactured romance and heartbreak since the original rose-bearer.
  40. recap
    Gabby and Rachel, Our New Bachelorettes, Saved Us From The Bachelor FinaleSo long, Clayton and Clayton’s patterned ties.
  41. recap
    Even the Bachelor’s Parents Are Mad at HimClayton somehow screws things up even more on last night’s part one of The Bachelor finale.
  42. recap
    How Did the Most Boring Bachelor of All Time Mess This Up So Badly?Clayton ends his fantasy-suite sex fest by … screaming at his No. 1 pick.
  43. recap
    The Only Person the ‘Bachelor’ Women Hate More Than Shanae Is ClaytonOn last night’s “Women Tell All,” the ladies turned against the Bachelor himself.
  44. recap
    Who’s Afraid of the Scary Dads on ‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates?What actually made Clayton cry: a ropes course.
  45. recap
    Has a Bachelor Contestant Ever Crashed and Burned As Hard As This?Sarah went from front-runner to … a long flight home from Vienna.
  46. recap
    Are You Really ‘Ready for Marriage’ or Just on Reality TV?A time-honored Bachelor tradition that makes no sense.
  47. recap
    The Bachelor’s ‘Mean Girl’ Narrative Is Something Worse Than Boring This SeasonNo more roasts! Please!
  48. recap
    Is Clayton The Most Boring Bachelor Yet?Who is this man, and do I even want to know?
  49. recap
    A Bachelor Villain and Her Garlic-Butter ShrimpShanae takes food fights to the next level.
  50. recap
    An Attempt to Explain Why All These Bachelor Blondes Are FightingYou get a villain edit! And you get a villain edit!
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