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  1. sex diaries
    The Editor Tidying Up Just in Case His Lover CallsThis week’s sex diary.
  2. sex diaries
    The College Student Whose Exes Are Hooking Up With Each OtherThis week’s sex diary.
  3. sex diaries
    The Woman Whose Older Lover Doesn’t Want KidsThis week’s sex diary.
  4. sex diaries
    The American Tourist Trying to Talk Dirty in FrenchThis week’s sex diary.
  5. sex diaries
    The Designer Having Sex With an Actor After ‘Work Drinks’This week’s sex diary.
  6. book excerpt
    How to Call the Whole Thing OffThe day after breaking my fiancé’s heart, we attended his best friend’s wedding together. It didn’t go well.
  7. sex diaries
    The Woman Wondering If She’s Bisexual Enough to Come OutThis week’s sex diary.
  8. sex diaries
    The Man Asking His Wife to Let Other Men Into Their BedroomThis week’s sex diary.
  9. sex diaries
    The Writer Who Discovers Her Vacation Fling Is Spoken ForThis week’s sex diary.
  10. sex diaries
    The Wealthy Housewife Role-Playing With Her HusbandThis week’s sex diary.
  11. sex diaries
    The Newly Divorced Woman Dealing With Orgy DramaThis week’s sex diary.
  12. sex diaries
    The Married Swinger at a Weeklong Sex Party in JamaicaThis week’s sex diary.
  13. sex diaries
    The Graphic Designer Waking Up Next to Her Ex’s Best FriendThis week’s sex diary.
  14. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: She Paid for EverythingTwo exes explain why it ended.
  15. sex diaries
    The Teacher Worried About Her Boyfriend’s LibidoThis week’s sex diary.
  16. sex diaries
    The Woman Hooking Up With Her Partner Between Work CallsThis week’s sex diary.
  17. sex diaries
    The Stylist Who Doesn’t Know How to Start an AffairThis week’s sex diary.
  18. sex diaries
    The Novelist Who Always Ghosts After the Third DateThis week’s sex diary.
  19. sex diaries
    The Consultant Turning an Affair Into a ThroupleThis week’s sex diary.
  20. sex diaries
    The Divorced Mom Who Isn’t Quite Ready for Sexting YetThis week’s sex diary.
  21. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: He Cheated With His Boyfriend’s BoyfriendTwo exes explain why it ended.
  22. sex diaries
    The Architect Asking Out Random Men on the Streets of BostonThis week’s sex diary.
  23. sex diaries
    The Start-Up Exec Who Used to Think Sex Just Wasn’t for HerThis week’s sex diary.
  24. sex diaries
    The Poly Drama Teacher Having a Threesome in New JerseyThis week’s sex diary.
  25. sex diaries
    The Art Teacher Quarantining With a Fling Who Gave Her COVIDThis week’s sex diary.
  26. sex diaries
    The Mom Trying to Meet Her Online Boyfriend IRLThis week’s sex diary.
  27. sex diaries
    The Art Director Who Doesn’t Sleep With Her Husband AnymoreThis week’s sex diary.
  28. sex diaries
    The Montreal Guy Sleeping With Two Girls From His Book ClubThis week’s sex diary.
  29. sex diaries
    The Woman in Finance Going on a ‘Dating Binge’This week’s sex diary.
  30. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Can See Her Ex’s Bedroom From Her WindowThis week’s sex diary.
  31. sex diaries
    The Woman Questioning Her Relationship After a Sex PartyThis week’s sex diary.
  32. sex diaries
    The Yoga Teacher Who Finally Sleeps With Her Ex’s FriendThis week’s sex diary.
  33. sex diaries
    The Retired Producer Having Sex at Her Boyfriend’s OfficeThis week’s sex diary.
  34. sex diaries
    The Barista Fantasizing About Sex With Her BossThis week’s sex diary.
  35. sex diaries
    The Woman Pushing to Keep Her Relationship OpenThis week’s sex diary.
  36. sex diaries
    The Suburban Mom Sending Nudes From the Restaurant BathroomThis week’s sex diary.
  37. sex diaries
    The Single Guy Hooking Up in the Gym Steam RoomThis week’s sex diary.
  38. sex diaries
    The Editor Whose Ex Has Learned Some New MovesThis week’s sex diary.
  39. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Doesn’t Trust Her Long-Distance BoyfriendThis week’s sex diary.
  40. sex diaries
    The Woman Who Meets a New Guy Her Very First Day in NYCThis week’s sex diary.
  41. sex diaries
    The College Student Starting to Fall for Her Sugar DaddyThis week’s sex diary.
  42. sex diaries
    The Westchester Wife Healing From Her Husband’s AffairThis week’s sex diary.
  43. sex diaries
    The 23-Year-Old Eating Cake in Bed With Her Secret LoverThis week’s sex diary.
  44. sex diaries
    The Designer Telling Her Ex She Wants to Sleep in His BedThis week’s sex diary.
  45. sex diaries
    The 42-Year-Old Having Sex on the Kitchen FloorThis week’s sex diary.
  46. sex diaries
    The Georgia Woman Hooking Up on the River BankThis week’s sex diary.
  47. sex diaries
    The Woman Crushing on the Guy From Her Mutual-Aid GroupThis week’s sex diary.
  48. sex diaries
    Love Sex Diaries? Want to Be in the Docuseries?We’re working on a TV show, and we want you.
  49. sex diaries
    The Student Obsessed With Their Ex’s New Celebrity FlingThis week’s sex diary.
  50. sex diaries
    The Aspiring Podcaster Making the Most of His Open MarriageThis week’s sex diary.
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