Angelina Chapin is a features writer at the Cut. She has been covering gender and criminal justice for more than a decade. She was previously an enterprise reporter at HuffPost, for which she traveled to the border and reported on Donald Trump’s family-separation policy. She has also written for The Guardian and MEL magazine.

  1. sexual assault
    Everything We Know About the Danny Masterson Rape CaseThe convicted rapist has been transferred to a minimum and medium security prison.
  2. love and war
    How Much Does It Cost to Save a Relationship?In our case, $11,000 in therapy bills was just the beginning.
  3. power
    Jonathan Majors Faces Abuse Allegations From Two More WomenThe actor denied physically abusing a former girlfriend who gave a statement to prosecutors and spoke to the New York Times.
  4. power
    New York’s Most Ruthless Defense LawyerPriya Chaudhry’s grilling of Jonathan Majors’s accuser shocked some watching his assault trial. She doesn’t care.
  5. celebrity
    What to Know About Jonathan Majors’s Domestic-Violence TrialTwo more women came forward to the New York Times to accuse the actor of abuse while he awaits sentencing.
  6. power
    Jonathan Majors Tells GMA He ‘Never Hit a Woman’The actor, who was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, broke his silence in a new interview.
  7. power
    Nobody Won the Jonathan Majors TrialThe actor’s ex-girlfriend said he wanted to change for the better. This case ensured we won’t see that transformation.
  8. power
    Jonathan Majors Convicted on Two Domestic-Violence ChargesIn a mixed verdict, jurors found the actor guilty of misdemeanor assault and harassment but acquitted him of two other charges.
  9. power
    Jonathan Majors Warned His Accuser Against Going to the HospitalTexts revealed in the actor’s domestic-violence trial show he discouraged his ex from seeking medical treatment in an earlier incident.
  10. power
    Jonathan Majors’s Ex Testifies About His ‘Violent Temper’The actor’s ex-girlfriend testified in his domestic-violence trial that he twisted her right arm until she was in “excruciating” pain.
  11. power
    Ex–Bad Boy Executive Harve Pierre Accused of Sexual AssaultLess than a week after Cassie and Diddy, Bad Boy’s founder and CEO, settled a lawsuit accusing the rapper of rape.
  12. power
    Get Me Out of the Group ChatSince the Hamas attacks, group chats across the country have been transformed into Thanksgiving-dinner nightmares.
  13. power
    When Posting About the Israel-Hamas War Costs You Your Job“We’re going to see a lot of fallout in the coming weeks,” says one employment lawyer.
  14. power
    Who Exactly Is Ashton Kutcher’s Anti-Sex-Trafficking Tech Company Helping?The actor’s recent PR crisis has led to scrutiny of his complicated advocacy work.
  15. fall fashion issue 2023
    The Cost of Straight HairThe products Black women rely on to give their locks body and shine are now alleged to give them cancer, too.
  16. career
    How Nicole Berry, Executive Director of the Armory Show, Gets It DoneIncluding her airplane meditation practice: “No one can get to me when I’m up at 30,000 feet.”
  17. work
    Do You Suffer From Vacation Anxiety?Even those with unlimited PTO are afraid to take time off.
  18. parenting
    The Transgender Family Handbook144 specific suggestions, from trans young people and their loved ones, that parents may find helpful.
  19. crime
    The Man Who Killed Jordan Neely Has Been IndictedClearing the way for Daniel Penny’s criminal trial.
  20. power
    ‘I Would Like Everyone to Pretend That Was Their Son’AOC on Jordan Neely’s killing and who gets to feel safe in New York.
  21. how i get it done
    How Peloton Instructor Ally Love Gets It DoneHer many jobs involve being a one-woman hype machine.
  22. power
    A Marilyn Manson Accuser Has Taken Back Her AllegationsEvan Rachel Wood says the model first contacted her about Manson’s alleged abuse and denies manipulating Smithline into accusing the singer of rape.
  23. feature
    ‘Call Me a Scammer to My Face’Madison Campbell is determined to get DIY rape kits into survivors’ hands, no matter who tells her it’s a bad idea.
  24. power
    Inside the ‘Rampant Culture of Sex’ at ABC NewsT.J. Holmes and Amy Robach weren’t the only ones — “It felt like everybody was sleeping around,” said one former GMA staffer.
  25. power
    Esmé Bianco Settles Sexual-Assault Lawsuit Against Marilyn MansonThe Game of Thrones actress agreed to settle “in order to move on with her life and career,” her lawyer said in a statement.
  26. resolutions
    In 2023, I Will Learn to Chew My FoodCould eating more slowly actually change my life?
  27. stop the hustle
    ‘She Said’ Is My Workaholic NightmareI wish journalism movies would stop glorifying hustle culture.
  28. divorce
    Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Files for DivorceHe calls his 27-year marriage to the Christian nationalist congresswoman “irretrievably broken.”
  29. dads
    Republicans Have a Dad ProblemConservative fathers explain why the fall of Roe is motivating them to vote for Democrats in November.
  30. how i get it done
    Lulu Garcia-Navarro Wants to Hear Your Unpopular Opinion“If I only interviewed people with whom I agree, it would be a pretty boring career.”
  31. group text
    Would You Exit The Group Text?Why breaking up with the group chat is hard to do.
  32. fall fashion
    The Crowded, Childish Joys of CluttercoreLiving inside a museum of yourself.
  33. power
    Ex-Detective Admits to Lying on Breonna Taylor Search WarrantFormer detective Kelly Goodlett is the first officer to plead guilty for her role in the tragedy.
  34. crime
    Singer Denies She Enabled R. Kelly’s Alleged Abuse of Her NieceSparkle said claims that she “had my niece sit on Robert’s lap and rub his head” were lies.
  35. totally kind of hot
    Nathan Fielder’s Strange Sex AppealWhile critics have been busy dissecting The Rehearsal, I’ve simply been turned on.
  36. feature
    Would You Work in an Amazon Warehouse Just to Get Pregnant?Women are pulling graveyard shifts in backbreaking jobs to pay for IVF.
  37. depp v. heard
    Johnny Depp’s Playbook Won’t Work for Most MenDefamation suits are primarily a tool for the rich and famous.
  38. endometriosis
    My Search for the ‘Missed Disease’To get diagnosed with endometriosis, you have to say the magic words.
  39. life after roe
    The Most Infuriating Lines in the Supreme Court Draft That Would Overturn RoeRead them and weep for the state of abortion rights.
  40. power
    Is She a Bully or Did She Just Work for the New York Post?When the paper’s top woman was ousted, not everyone saw her as a victim.
  41. cut covers
    Evan Rachel Wood Faced Her FearThe actor was terrified to name Marilyn Manson as her alleged abuser, but doing so brought her unexpected freedom.
  42. interview
    ‘Ghislaine Maxwell Is Worse Than Epstein’Virginia Giuffre reacts to the conviction she knows is long overdue.
  43. vax politics
    The Unvaxxed Lefties Hiding in Plain SightThey insist they’re more sophisticated than your typical anti-vaxxer. Not that they’re telling anyone.
  44. free britney
    Britney Spears Is Finally FreeA judge ruled to terminate the conservatorship that has controlled her life for the past 13 years.
  45. crime
    She Warned Us About R. Kelly. No One Believed Her.Sparkle has been waiting 20 years for this verdict.
  46. womp womp
    What’s Up With the Ending of Sally Rooney’s New Book?If you felt blindsided, you’re not alone.
  47. here comes the bride
    ‘My Parents Wouldn’t Get Vaxxed to Attend My Wedding’Vaccine drama is tearing relationships apart — and the damage could be permanent.
  48. onlyfans
    ‘What Will OnlyFans Be Without Sex Workers?’Five adult content creators on the company’s porn ban and what comes next.
  49. work
    What Happens When All Your Co-workers Quit?As a record number of Americans leave their jobs, those who can’t are working themselves sick.
  50. power
    ‘I’m Afraid the Taliban Will Kill Me’An Afghan woman tells the Cut what it’s like hiding from militants at her home in Kabul.
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