Angelina Chapin

Senior writer, the Cut

Angelina Chapin is a senior writer at the Cut covering gender, crime, and culture.

  1. not nice
    Giuliani Caught in a Very Compromising Position by BoratThe Trump adviser now says the “video is a complete fabrication.”
  2. power
    Ex-Members of Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith Group Allege AbusePeople of Praise has come under increased scrutiny since Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.
  3. all in the family
    ‘I Told Her I’ll Wear Two Masks’Three mothers discuss being unable to visit their incarcerated loved ones.
  4. make it stop
    Please, God, No More DebatesThey don’t sway voters, and Trump refuses to follow the rules.
  5. power
    This Isn’t JusticeNone of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor face any charges related to her death. And only one has been fired.
  6. some advice
    AOC Tells Us What to Do Right NowCall your uncle in a swing state and other advice from the congresswoman.
  7. ice detention
    ICE Tried to Deport a Woman Who Says She Was Sterilized in CustodyAfter Pauline Binam woke up from what she thought was a routine procedure, a gynecologist said she might be infertile.
  8. ice detention
    Women in ICE Custody Are Being Coerced Into Hysterectomies, Whistleblower ClaimsA former nurse says a doctor is performing the surgery without patients’ full consent.
  9. ice detention
    Reports Of ICE’s Forced Hysterectomies Are Nothing New In AmericaThe U.S. has been stripping women of their right to give birth for more than a century and it still happens today.
  10. bye bye summer
    My Winter Dread Has Never Been WorseThat chill in the air feels like another lonely lockdown.
  11. self
    A Ketamine-Like Spray Is Approved to Treat Suicidal BehaviorStudies show it can take effect in as little as four hours.
  12. ouch
    How’s Your Back?Mine hurts.
  13. the 19th
    The Newsroom Where Politics Is Not About MenThe 19th*, staffed by mostly women of color, is teaching legacy media a lesson.
  14. sisters in hate
    How White Nationalists Weaponize MotherhoodA new book shows the way white-nationalist women use traditional femininity to mask hateful messages.
  15. the talk
    Have You and Your Friends Had the COVID Talk?The pandemic has changed the rules of hanging out.
  16. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Writer and Activist Raquel Willis“I want to be someone holding the door open for the next person that comes through.”
  17. pandemic weddings
    No One Knows How To Throw A Pandemic WeddingLoose and confusing guidelines means some couples can have 100+ guests.
  18. police brutality
    Is Ketamine the New Police Weapon Against Black Lives?Elijah McClain was injected with the drug, even though he was already handcuffed and helpless.
  19. breonna taylor
    ‘She’ll Be Saving Lives Forever’Louisville passed “Breonna’s Law” three months after police barreled into Breonna Taylor’s house and killed her.
  20. power
    Five Women Have Accused Cop In Breonna Taylor’s Case Of Sexual MisconductThe sexual assault and harassment accusations against Brett Hankison are being investigated by the Louisville police department.
  21. breonna taylor
    A Mother’s Birthday Tribute to Breonna Taylor“It’s hard to breathe without her.”
  22. police violence
    ‘If I Would Have Been Here, George Floyd May Still Be Alive’Mahmoud Abumayyaleh on the murder that happened outside of his store.
  23. police violence
    What It Feels Like to Be Shot by a Rubber Bullet“I thought I was going to die.”
  24. protests
    Brooklyn’s Protest Amid a PandemicThousands of people came out to demand justice for George Floyd.
  25. covid-19
    I Was 7 Months Pregnant in Prison. Then COVID-19 Hit.I have hepatitis C and was nervous about dying.
  26. love these days
    In Quarantine, Cooking Is Our Love LanguageI now feel desire through fried-fish sandwiches and cacio e pepe.
  27. too hot
    Normal People Has a Marianne ProblemBook Marianne was better.
  28. coronavirus
    Cuomo’s Order to Release Pregnant Women From Prison Is a ShamThe order’s criteria is too stringent to have any real impact.
  29. coronavirus
    A Mother in Federal Prison Has Died of the CoronavirusAndrea Circle Bear is the first woman in federal custody to die from COVID. Advocates say she could have been saved.
  30. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Cecile RichardsThe Planned Parenthood president on unhealthy breakfasts, learning to delegate, and staying sane in the Trump era.
  31. sexual assault
    Why Men Force Women to Watch Them MasturbateA sex therapist explains.
  32. work
    How I Get It Done: Melissa ClarkThe New York Times food columnist on the hardest recipe she’s ever made, the most important ingredient in her kitchen, and her weakness for Cheetos.
  33. the harvey weinstein case
    Naming and Shaming the Weinsteins of the WorkplaceSince Hollywood’s sex scandal, women across industries have mobilized.
  34. Couch-surfing Was the Craziest Thing I Did in the Aughts“Sharing intimate quarters with a total stranger didn’t seem as absurd back then as it does to me today.”
  35. domestic violence
    Why Would a Woman Want to Talk to the Man Who Abused Her?In her new documentary, Attiya Khan does just that — and explores the possibilities of “restorative justice.”
  36. Inside the Extra-Exclusive World of Boutique Egg-FreezingThe Silicon Valley take on the fertility clinic feels “more like a café” than a medical facility.
  37. ramadan
    For Muslims With Eating Disorders, Ramadan Can Pose a Dangerous ChoiceIllness is a valid excuse not to fast, but stigma against mental-health issues makes it trickier.