1. the internet
    What We’re Really Saying When We Talk About GatekeepingIt’s always been about the most powerful — it’s who has power and what they do with it that has changed.
  2. book excerpt
    There’s a Divide in Even the Closest Interracial FriendshipsIncluding ours.
  3. power
    Glennon Doyle Is Coming to Get the White WomenThe Oprah-endorsed, former mommy blogger is working to turn anti-Trump women into resistance warriors. But will they listen?
  4. get a hobby
    Against Side HustlesPersonal pleasure is what makes a hobby a hobby.
  5. working together
    The Unexpected Power of Google-Doc ActivismThe perfect tool for not-quite-public, not-quite-private collaboration.
  6. power
    The Fantasy of a Female Hugh HefnerFor women, it’s not buying exactly what he sold — it’s claiming a version of his lifestyle for ourselves.
  7. feminisms now
    Alicia Garza on Finding Activism and Focusing on the Long GameAnn Friedman talks to the co-founder of Black Lives Matter.
  8. feminisms now
    Vanessa Grigoriadis on the Sexual-Assault Generation Gap Ann Friedman talks to Vanessa Grigoriadis about her new book, and what has (and hasn’t) changed for college women.
  9. one step at a time
    This Week Is a Reminder: It’s the Long Game That CountsChange is slow. That’s why we have to keep working.
  10. women’s march 2017
    If This Was Your First March, Don’t Stop NowThe work didn’t end on Saturday.
  11. first person
    A March Can Change Your LifeLooking back to 2004 — and ahead to January 21.
  12. the work begins
    Finish Your Ugly-Crying. Here’s What Comes Next.We are about to enter a frightening new era for vulnerable people in America
  13. taking care of business
    Can’t Find a Mentor? Look to Your PeersSometimes women your own age are best at helping build your career.
  14. politics
    Supporting Hillary While Reckoning With Bill’s Sexual PastThe way many of us understand sexual assault and the abuse of power dynamics has changed dramatically since the ’90s.
  15. choices
    Kim Kardashian West, Elena Ferrante, and the Right to PrivacyWomen are punished no matter how public they choose to be.
  16. women at work
    The Real Reason 5 Decades of Women’s Progress Has StalledWe need to stop looking to professional-track, straight white women for the answers.
  17. women in politics
    7 Lessons Progressives Learned From Phyllis SchlaflyYou can learn a lot from the successes of your enemies.
  18. sexual assault
    Can We Forgive Nate Parker for Learning Too Late What Consent Means?And what should we demand from him before we do?
  19. Why Can’t We Agree on What It Means to Be Friends?Making new friends isn’t just about shared hobbies, but timing and emotional state.
  20. 2016 olympics
    Female Olympians Are the Ultimate Shine-Theory IconsAlthough they are pitted against each other for a limited number of medals, they are openly supportive of each other.
  21. black lives matter
    Get Over White Feelings to Work for Black LivesOne group is providing training wheels for white people who are new to racial-justice activism.
  22. the end of men
    The Supreme Court, Reddit, and 9 Other Things in Need of an All-Lady RebootInspired by Ghostbusters.
  23. women at work
    Injured at Work? Your Gender Could Affect How Much You’re Paid.Bet you didn’t know gender is a “preexisting condition” for workers’ comp.
  24. the state of women is meh
    Obama’s Legacy for Women Shows a Feminist President Is Not EnoughHis speech last week bore a striking resemblance to the promises he made to women on the campaign trail eight years earlier.
  25. women at work
    Going Freelance Won’t Solve All Your ProblemsSelf-employment doesn’t bring an escape from workplace sexism.
  26. feminism inc
    Pop Feminism Doesn’t Mean the End of the MovementDaily choices and personal experiences are important too.
  27. uggos unite!
    By Trump’s Standards, We’re All ‘Ugly Women’And now it’s time to rise up!
  28. failed justice
    What Do We Owe Survivors When Courts Fail Them?It’s rare that we stop to ask survivors what justice looks like to them.
  29. election 2016
    The Plight of the Trump-Hating Republican WomanInstead of Trump’s nomination being a wake-up call for GOP women, it seems to be inspiring resignation.
  30. period pieces
    How Ending the Tampon Tax Became Viral LegislationIt’s a health issue masquerading as a tax matter.
  31. the good kind of homework
    The Queens of Nonfiction: 56 Women Journalists Everyone Should ReadFew of us fare any better than Gay Talese in recognizing great women writers.
  32. billion-dollar ideas
    How to Appeal to Dude Investors? Tell Them Your Start-up Is for Men.A few free ideas.
  33. bad sex
    The Girls and Sex Problem Affects Adult Women, TooTeens aren’t the only ones who could stand to learn about pleasure.
  34. start paying attention
    If You Care About Electing Women, Don’t Focus Only on HillaryThere are literally hundreds of other women running for key offices.
  35. shocking twists nobody saw coming
    One Weird Trick for Keeping Female Employees From QuittingPay them as much as men!
  36. equal pay for equal chores
    Can Better Policies Make Men Share the Housework?Household socialism is easier said than done.
  37. feminists vs. feminists
    So You’re a Celebrity Who Calls Yourself a Feminist. Now What?Different ways of “standing up” for Kesha show the limits of celebrity brands.
  38. campaign 2016
    Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other Over Hillary ClintonThere’s a special place in hell for Bill Maher.
  39. scully for president
    For Every ‘Yes’ Man at Work, There’s a ‘No’ WomanOne guess as to which job is more fun!
  40. sexual assault
    Should We Name Workplace Predators Online?The pros and cons of naming and shaming.
  41. self-improvement
    Feminist Resolutions for 2016Be the owl that flies among the falcons.
  42. sex ed
    The Next Sexual Revolution Won’t Come in a PillWhy the “female Viagra” failed.
  43. big ideas
    Hey, Trump: Let’s Make a Registry of Dangerously Entitled White MenA Modest Proposal for Preventing Our Enemies From Being a Burden on the Rest of the Country.
  44. male feminists
    Why Women Fell for James DeenThe porn star had a passionate female fan base and an unearned reputation as a feminist — until he was accused of rape.
  45. health matters
    Is Safe Sex Going Out of Style?The rise in STDs might make you think so.
  46. explaining mansplaining
    The Complex Relationship Between Women and JerksA conversation with Laura Kipnis, author of Men: Notes From an Ongoing Investigation.
  47. oh mama
    The Pope and Netflix Like Maternity Leave for the Wrong ReasonsIf it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 
  48. campaign 2016
    Clinton, Steinem, and ‘Running As a Woman’Will it work this time around?
  49. herstories
    We Shouldn’t Let Chrissie Hynde Off the Hook So EasilyYou don’t have to consider yourself a “survivor,” but it doesn’t hurt to consider other people’s experiences, too.
  50. ppfa protest
    The Assault on Planned Parenthood Is Getting Personal for MeThe clinic where I got care when I needed it is under attack.
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