Annie Lowrey

  1. What It Was Like to See Hillary Clinton Make HistoryIn 2016, she’s the first woman to become a major-party nominee for president.
  2. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  3. dream big
    If Hillary Clinton Wins the Election, Women Really Could Run the WorldCome November, women could run America — and the world.
  4. nothing to see here
    Which Oscars Stars Had Plastic Surgery? Nobody Knows Anymore.Lasers and “mini-Botox” have actors looking more natural than ever.
  5. brands
    The Man Who’s Branding the Dadbod LifestyleCJ Cardenas wants to bring the world Dadbod Beer.
  6. facebook
    The Problems With Facebook’s Polarization StudyResearch that fails to pop the filter bubble.
  7. There’s a Huge Racial Divide on Crime and Trusting the PoliceThe roots of the anger in Ferguson.