Beth Landman

  1. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Does Slimy Snail Cream Do Anything for Your Face?We find out by testing eight of them. 
  2. best bets
    Best Bet: Shizuka New York’s LED Gel ManicureThis gel manicure sets in record time.
  3. damn straight
    Score Discounts on the City’s Best Hair-Straightening TreatmentsGo from Susan Boyle to Rachel Zoe in less than 72 hours.
  4. beauty marks
    New York Spas Now Rub Crushed Gemstones on Patrons in New Facial TreatmentsPearls, rubies, and emeralds are supposed to do amazing things to the skin.
  5. under the knife
    Angry Plastic-Surgery Patients Vent Online; Doctors on Damage ControlOnline reviews from former patients have doctors looking for ways to fight back.
  6. panic-demics
    Spa Treatments Cashing In on Swine FluCan an immune-boosting facial substitute for a vaccine?
  7. power lunch
    Roberto Cavalli Will Have Mexican Food Wherever and Whenever He PleasesEven if he’s eating at Serafina.