1. science of us
    How to Actually Get Some Rest for OnceStaring at Twitter does not count.
  2. Three Healthy Behaviors Linked With a Longer LifeA new, complicated study on lifestyle and longevity.
  3. Sometimes Not Working Is Work, TooWhy the super-motivated need to force themselves to rest.
  4. 6 Tips from the World’s Best Athletes to Improve Work PerformanceThere is no “one simple trick,” but there are a handful of principles that, if cultivated over time, can help you get better.
  5. performance art
    Be Better at Life by Thinking of Yourself LessThe motivational power of self-transcendence.
  6. Ditching All My Running Gadgets Made Me a Better RunnerA case against the quantified self.
  7. about time
    To Get Better at Time Management, Borrow a Training Strategy From Elite AthletesIt’s like high-intensity interval training for the workday.
  8. Become More Resilient by Learning to Take Joy SeriouslyTalking to Adam Grant about his new book, Option B, which he wrote with Sheryl Sandberg after her husband’s death.
  9. Zen and the Art of QualityRemembering Robert Pirsig’s classics after the author’s death this week.
  10. performance art
    The Best Way to Follow Your Dreams Is Keeping Your Day JobHow practical people pursue their passion.
  11. performance art
    The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: NatureA new book argues that spending time outside can serve as a welcome reprieve from the constant stimuli of modern life.
  12. Your Job Can’t Be the Only Meaningful Thing in Your LifeEmployment has long provided an outsized source of meaning for those living in the Western world. But it doesn’t have to.
  13. The Enduring Wisdom of a 1972 Book About TennisWhy some sporting legends credit it with helping them stay cool under pressure.
  14. science of us
    To Navigate a Challenge, Pretend You’re Giving Advice to a FriendWhen we take ourselves out of the picture, we often gain a more holistic view.
  15. The Curse of Being Too PassionateDo you control your drive, or does your drive control you?
  16. You Can Be Happy and Lonely at the Same TimeWhy online friendships can’t replace in-person connection.
  17. how people change
    To Reach Your Goals, Imagine You Already Tried and FailedA realist’s guide to New Year’s resolutions.
  18. Life Lessons From the Guy Who Just Ran the Appalachian Trail Faster Than Anyone“So much of success comes down to what is happening inside your head.”
  19. This Is One of the Only Performance-Enhancing Supplements That Actually WorksThe very real effects of totally fake interventions.
  20. motivation
    What Separates Champions From ‘Almost Champions’?New research helps explain why some people keep going when others quit.
  21. ‘Muscle Confusion’ Is Mostly a MythIn fitness — as in life — patience is a virtue.
  22. Big Goals Can Backfire. Olympians Show Us What to Focus on Instead.It’s about the process, not the results.
  23. How Exercise Makes You More Resilient to Mental FatigueThe willpower developed through exercise may be transferrable.
  24. How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the GymThe biggest benefit might be that it teaches people to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.