1. gender is a construct
    College Student Uses Snapchat Filter for One-man Sex StingA local college student catfished an alleged child predator by using Snapchat’s “gender swap” filter to pose as an underage woman.
  2. grumps
    Grumpy Cat Has DiedThe viral cat rose to fame from a Reddit post in 2012.
  3. extortion
    Jeff Bezos Thwarts the National Enquirer’s Nude Picture Extortion AttemptThe Amazon CEO published correspondence between his camp and a tabloid digging up dirt on his affair.
  4. they did surgery on a grape
    They Did Surgery on a GrapeThey did surgery on a grape.
  5. missed connections
    Craigslist’s Legendary Personals Section Shuts DownA bill focused on sex-trafficking online left the site little choice.
  6. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner Tweets, Snapchat Loses a Billion DollarsThe influencer tweeted that she wasn’t a fan of Snapchat’s recent redesign, which has frustrated users and worried investors.
  7. ‘Disloyal Man’ Meme Models: ‘People Have a Lot of Imagination!’Laura and Mario speak out.
  8. On the Web, Respecting Women Is a Full-time JobWhen performative wokeness folds in on itself.
  9. You Can Now Ask Amazon’s Alexa for Sex PlaylistsAmazon will now serve up music “for making babies.”
  10. Mayonnaise Start-up Faces a New Opponent: Jaden SmithHow can mayo be real if our eggs aren’t real?
  11. Facebook’s Training Documents: ‘We Protect White Men’Insulting black children is fine, however.
  12. Uber Exec Shared Medical Records of Rape Victim He Believed Was LyingHe is now no longer with the company.
  13. Congress Has Entered the War Over Garfield’s GenderDoes Garfield have a gender at all?
  14. Twitter Reveals New Tactics for Curbing AbuseThe company is reducing the visibility of newly created troll accounts.
  15. controversy
    Why People Are Deleting Uber En MasseThe company’s ties to Trump are the last straw for many.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s SentenceShe will be out of prison on May 17.
  17. donald trump
    Is Notorious Troll Chuck Johnson Really Helping Pick the Trump Administration?The ultraconservative blogger has repeatedly harassed targets online.
  18. Serena Williams Is Engaged to, No, Really, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis OhanianThe tennis player announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian on Reddit.
  19. instagram
    Good News for Taylor Swift: Instagram Will Introduce Moderation Tools SoonThe features will give users more control over what appears on their accounts.
  20. communication
    If Emoji Are the Future of Communication Then We’re ScrewedSometimes, a grinning face isn’t a grinning face.
  21. following
    You Can Now Make 60-Second Instagram VideosA lot can happen in 60 seconds.
  22. How to Deal With Instagram’s Coming Algorithm Apocalypse: Do Nothing[Points up and to the right]