Brittney Oliver is a career and lifestyle freelance writer, marketing communications specialist, and content strategist based in Nashville. Since 2016, Brittney has built her event platform Lemons 2 Lemonade, known for its networking mixers, which have hosted over 6,000 professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Her bylines have appeared in Fast Company and Essence. In 2019, Forbes listed her as one of “Nine Black Women Leaders Dedicated to Empowering Others.”

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    How Entrepreneur and Disability-Rights Advocate Keely Cat-Wells Gets It Done“As disabled people, dealing with an inaccessible society while trying to build something is infuriating.”
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    Sad Girls Club Founder Elyse Fox Can’t Afford to Get Overwhelmed“If we’re stressed out as a mental-health organization helping other people, then it’s counterproductive.”