1. It Turns Out There Are 4 Different Types of IntrovertsVideo: Which one are you?
  2. This Crazy Fact About Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Hollywood SexismLet’s just say it doesn’t exactly pass the Bechdel test.
  3. This Device Was Created to Help Prevent Parents From Leaving Kids in the CarIt happens more often than you’d like to think.
  4. This Paralympian Danced the Samba With a Robot While Wearing a 3-D-Printed DressBecause technology.
  5. A Couple Climbed a Massive Crane in China, Just for LoveNot your average date night.
  6. Why Not Hide This Elliptical Under Your Desk?Just pedal and type, pedal and type.
  7. This Guarantees Pregnant Women a Seat on TrainsAn end to the awkwardness?
  8. The Future of Condoms Has Arrived, and It’s Covered in HexagonsThe idea is to make guys want to use them.
  9. This Sneaky Airline Fee Affects Families the MostIf you want to guarantee a seat next to your kid, you may have to pay up.
  10. This Saddle Makes Carrying Kids Safer and EasierThey’re strapped in, and you’re blissfully hands-free. 
  11. Start-up Crowdsourcing Major Business DecisionsLet’s hope it goes better than most crowdsourced things do. 
  12. Male Olympic Divers and the Explicit Content That Wasn’tIt just looks weird.
  13. Pat McGrath’s Glittery Lip Kit Looks Beautiful and UncomfortableSorry, Kylie. There’s a new cult lip kit in town.
  14. This Bath Bomb Is As Black As Your 13-Year-Old Emo-Kid SoulAs black as an Instagram “It” girl’s closet.
  15. All the Weird, Awkward Ways Taylor Swift Has Avoided the PaparazziThat crab walk was hardly her first attempt at dodging paps.
  16. This Slam Poet Just Nailed Why the #WokeUpLikeThis Trend Isn’t Fun for Everyone“Your preference for my natural beauty has not been there on the days when I’ve been brave enough to face the world bare-faced.”
  17. The Pre–Hillary Clinton History of PantsuitsApparently, pantsuits used to refer to boys’ suits.
  18. The 5 Most Offensive Fake Junk Foods on InstagramWhy are we forcing foods to masquerade as other foods?
  19. Where Are the Incredible Women From the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics Team Now?All of them are doing amazing things.
  20. Lip Art May Be the New Nail ArtIf you can handle it.
  21. swellness
    Tom Brady and Gisele’s Ultrarestrictive Diet From HellThis is no joke.
  22. There’s Now a Dating Show in Which People Judge Each Other’s Naked BodiesSuddenly, Tinder is looking pretty great.
  23. Look at These Stylish Hospital Gowns Artists Are Designing for Sick TeensFashionable meets heartwarming. 
  24. The Historical Reason Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button on Opposite SidesIt dates way back to the 13th century.
  25. The Women on Egypt’s First All-Female Football Team Are Inspiring TrailblazersThey’ve already spawned three other women’s teams.
  26. Kendall Jenner Embraces the Braless Life, Says She’s Cool With Her Breasts“It’s sexy, it’s comfortable … “
  27. The Latest Beauty-Blogger Trend Is So Gross We Can’t Look Away It’s about as terrifying as it sounds.
  28. There’s a Scientific Reason Facebook Couples Post Nauseating Status UpdatesScience to the rescue again.
  29. Luxury Labels Are Sticking Microchips Inside Your ClothesOne small step towards a knockoff-free world.
  30. Have Scientists Finally Found a Way to Make Chocolate Better for You?Delicious, delicious science.
  31. These Fancy Printed Pajamas Are Made Using a Centuries-Old TechniqueGood luck taking your eyes off this.
  32. So That’s Why Ancient Statues Have Tiny PenisesNo, it’s not because they were modeled after your ex-boyfriend.
  33. This Makeup Artist Is Basically the Salvador Dalí of the Beauty WorldInstead of melting clocks, this Instagram star morphs into them.
  34. 11 Percent of People Have Ghosted SomeoneNo calls, no texts, no closure.
  35. Half of the Planet’s Population Will Be Nearsighted by 2050The hours we spend staring at screens is not helping matters.
  36. You Won’t Believe How Glaringly Sexist Ads Were 50 Years AgoThese make today’s ad campaigns look like bastions of gender equality.
  37. This Cat Is Really Good at InstagramShe’s basically the Gigi Hadid of cats. 
  38. If You’ve Ever Dreamed of a World Without Men, This Film Is for YouNo Men Beyond This Point has bruised some sensitive male egos.
  39. Let’s All Take a Moment to Appreciate BathsSure, you’re sitting in a puddle of your own filth. But it’s a warm, bubbly, soothing filthpuddle.
  40. Less Than a Quarter of Films Have Female LeadsHollywood sexism by the numbers.
  41. This Devastating and Common Injury in Sports May Have Finally Met Its MatchAbout 400,000 ACL injuries occur each year, and this could change how we deal with them.
  42. Skipping the Most Important Meal of the Day Could Have Some Ugly ConsequencesKids who eat two breakfasts are more likely to avoid obesity than those who eat none.
  43. Sleeping Late Is Awesome, and People Who Do It May Be SmarterA study found that sleeping late could be better for you than rising early in the morning.
  44. Deep in the Ocean Lies the Loneliest, Horniest Mammal on Planet EarthPoor guy.
  45. Women Pay More Than Men for the Same Products, and Here’s ProofBecause it costs more to be a woman. 
  46. This Super-Fit, Instagram-Famous Mom Uses Her Baby As a BarbellMeanwhile, we haven’t been to the gym in a year.
  47. Gross Things Trump Has Said About His DaughtersIt’s pretty gross.
  48. Amy Schumer and the Internet Are Not Happy About This Whole Plus-Size ThingIt’s kind of insane.