Carla Bruce-Eddings

  1. self reflection
    Should I Give My Daughter Dreadlocks?The idea of my little girl having the same style as me is tempting.
  2. parenthood
    Instagram, My 3-Year-Old Daughter, and MeAm I actually instilling some meaningful lesson about confidence? Or am I just teaching her how to lie?
  3. toddler time
    Why, Why, Why Does My Toddler Repeat Herself So Much?What’s going on when my daughter repeats herself, over and over (and over) again.
  4. parenthood
    Choosing a Preschool for My Black DaughterWhat we considered when selecting a school for our toddler.
  5. parenthood
    I’m a City Mom But I’m Test-Driving the SuburbsNew York felt exhilarating. Then I had a baby.
  6. Creating a Community for My Black DaughterAll the mom groups seemed to be made up of white faces, so I made my own.
  7. Am I Going to Have Another Baby?I’ve never resented the question more than I do now.