1. The People Whose Genetic Tests Uncover MysteriesDealing with the uncertainty of a little-understood genetic mutation can be harder than just getting bad news.
  2. Turns Out Smoking Pot in Your Teens Didn’t Make You DumberWeed science. 
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    The Wage Gap May Explain Why Depression Is More Common in WomenWhen researchers compared women who earned as much as or more than their male counterparts, the difference in anxiety and depression between men and women disappeared. 
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    Here’s Another Upside of Being an Anxious PersonThis one comes in handy in social settings. 
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    Perfectly Healthy Brains HallucinateSeeing and hearing things isn’t always a sign of psychosis.
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    The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to TreatThe behavior associated with the eating disorder is more like a habit than some kind of extreme willpower.