1. shopping
    Your Guide to Frigid-Bitch WinterCourtesy of the fictional — but very chic — Lydia Tár.
  2. year in review
    An Ode to 2021’s Most Notable (i.e., Chaotic) WigsIt was a banner year for hairpieces.
  3. house of gucci
    The Real Stars of House of Gucci Are the Powerful NosesWe love seeing the schnoz get the appreciation it deserves.
  4. culture
    A Detailed Guide to Adam Driver’s You-Know-What Scene in ‘Annette’This is our service journalism for you.
  5. eat the rich?
    Salt Fat Acid ParisParis Hilton’s new cooking show? That’s hot.
  6. 2020
    The Drew Barrymore Show Is Where My Brain Is AtA deranged daytime talk show to define our times.