1. swellness
    Your Basement Gym Is No Match for These $10 Million Wellness AmenitiesThe two superstar brokers of Million Dollar Listing New York fame discuss.
  2. swellness
    Please Don’t Make Me Try Maca Ever AgainPeople swear it’s a good coffee substitute. People are crazy.
  3. swellness
    Does Anyone Really Need a Professional Health Coach?Are they legit?
  4. swellness
    How to Prevent the Most Common Boutique-Fitness InjuriesFrom spinning, the treadmill, yoga, CrossFit, and dance cardio.
  5. swellness
    Can Serenol, a Bee-Pollen Supplement, Cure PMS?“I am officially perimenopausal.”
  6. swellness
    A Guide to Switchel, the Latest ‘It’ Wellness DrinkIt contains apple-cider vinegar (of course) but actually tastes good.
  7. swellness
    Can Wellness Be Scientific?How to be into wellness, wary of the placebo effect, and find out the real scientific truth.
  8. hairy situations
    The 50 Most Memorable Bangs EverFrom Audrey Tautou to Zooey Deschanel.
  9. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    4 Different Ways to Conquer Nasty Cellulite From gentle to borderline masochistic.
  10. the dedicated
    Forget Liposuction: I Tried Fat-Melting TechnologiesIt was weird.
  11. pretty in pictures
    The 50 Best Movie Beauty Moments of All TimePrincess Leia, Margot Tenenbaum, and so many more. 
  12. golden arches
    The 50 Most Memorable Eyebrows of All TimeCara Delevingne is only the beginning.
  13. beauty behind bars
    10 Beauty and Hair Secrets From Orange Is the New Black Season 2Pennsatucky’s rotten teeth, Red’s new red, and so much more. 
  14. the dedicated
    Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?With the threat of asymmetric armpit hair, I tried it out.
  15. green juice nation
    Should I Be Trying to Rid My Body of ‘Toxins’?“The doctors are going to say it’s bullshit.”
  16. drug store haul
    The 11 Most Innovative Hair Products Under $15Best of the drugstore hair aisle.
  17. #TBT: What Beach Waves Looked Like in the 1930sBouncier!
  18. q&a
    Q&A: The Women Who Wrote the Book on Black Hair“The black hair story is truly an American story.”
  19. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Making the Case for Dry ConditionerIt’s like fabric softener for your hair. 
  20. the new naturals
    3 New Natural Hair-Care Lines to Try One indie, one from a drugstore, and one from a salon. 
  21. ask a stylist
    Ask a Stylist: How to Grow Out a Pixie CutThink of it like a pimple in the middle of your forehead. 
  22. stylist stories
    Odile Gilbert: No Hairstyle Is Impossible“For a while all the models were quite scared of doing anything to their hair.”
  23. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Justin Bieber and Selena GomezSelena as wood sprite. 
  24. Tricks for Thicker HairIncludes salmon and lasers. 
  25. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Pippa Middleton Went Half-Up, Half-DownPippa’s bumps. 
  26. tbt
    #TBT: This St. Patrick’s Day, Wear Flowers Instead of Cardboard in Your HairRoses for St. Patrick’s Day? Sure. 
  27. the dark ages of hair
    A Brief Timeline of Odd Hair Treatments Throughout HistoryThe ancients used curlers, too. 
  28. belfies in print
    The Butt-Selfie Queen, Jen Selter, Is in Vanity FairThe butt wears Vuitton. 
  29. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Joan Collins and Prince Charles Went Head-to-HeadDynasty royalty meets real royalty. 
  30. obsessive tester
    Obsessive Tester: Trying the New Pre-Wash Hair TreatmentsLike skin care for your hair. 
  31. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Cara and Karl Switch Chanel PonytailsThe Kaiser wears a sausage ponytail. 
  32. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Trying 2 New At-Home Hair Color GlossesTesting two dueling formulas.
  33. kardashians in paris
    Kendall Jenner Walked in the Chanel Show in Paris TodayKim Instagrammed words of support. 
  34. q&a
    Nyong’o’s Hair Stylist on That Oscars HeadbandWhen he saw it, he said, “I’m going to have to implement this.”
  35. let’s get weir
    Q&A: Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on Their Oscars Game Plan“If I see Meryl Streep in my close proximity, I will die.”
  36. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Bradley Cooper & J.LawProof that Bradley Cooper can wear any hairstyle. 
  37. hairy situations
    Looking Back at 25 Years of the Most Questionable Hair at the OscarsIt’s hard to be a celebrity on a red carpet.
  38. sexygenarians
    Jessica Lange Is the New Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty“Happy days are here again.”
  39. man buns
    Jared Leto May Wear a Wet Man-Bun to the OscarsIt’s just “really important that he doesn’t look like a woman.” 
  40. ask a stylist
    Ask a Stylist: How to Re-create Beyoncé’s Wet Grammys HairThe secret ingredient? K-Y Jelly.
  41. ‘do or don’t of the day
    Lupita Nyong’o Had 2 Hair Mountains on SaturdaySeparated by a deep valley.
  42. Check Out the Cut’s New Hair BlogBecause hair is universal. 
  43. curling is my cardio
    I Tried Curling to See If It’s Really a WorkoutCalorie-burning with a broomstick.
  44. joan freaking jett
    Joan Jett Thinks Miley’s Antics Are ‘Absolutely Valid’ “I admire that sort of bravery,” she tells the Cut.
  45. diet time
    I Tried 7 ‘Natural’ Weight-Loss SupplementsA (bloated, cramp-filled) performance review. 
  46. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Can a Bracelet Actually Help You Sleep?It uses “frequencies.” 
  47. most dangerous beauty
    The Most Dangerous Beauty Through the AgesEight products and procedures that make Botox look downright reasonable.
  48. shine bright like a diamond
    Do Diamonds in Beauty Products Actually Offer Any Benefits? And most important, are they worth the hype? 
  49. beauty stunts
    I Drank Central Park Pond WaterBecause I’m crazy. And there’s a new filtration device I had to test.
  50. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    The Guide to Living Life UnscentedFor those of you who have fragrance sensitivities — or don’t want to smell like a million scents at once.
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