1. neuroscience
    Can Neuroscience Explain Why Some People Are Total Pushovers?A new study posits an intriguing link between “cognitive dissonance” and blindly following the crowd.
  2. weather
    Why Your Brain Actually Works Better in WinterDebunking the myth of the winter blues.
  3. neuroscience
    Neuroscience and Free Will Are Rethinking Their DivorceA new finding casts an old one in a very different, more free-will-friendly light.
  4. nutrition
    How Unhealthy Food Pulls You Toward ItIt has an almost ghostly attraction.
  5. The Problem With Concussion-Detecting SoftwareConcussions are complicated, and there isn’t (yet) any substitute for a doctor.
  6. gratitude
    How Expressing Gratitude Might Change Your BrainA new study suggests that even just an hour of focusing on gratitude might have long-lasting neurological effects.
  7. neuroscience
    Can Brain Scans Predict Who Therapy Will Help?A new neuroscience study points the way to individually tailored mental-health treatments.
  8. neuroscience
    How Popular People’s Brains Are DifferentThere seems to be a self-perpetuating aspect to being one of the cool kids.
  9. gender
    Men’s and Women’s Brains Appear to Age DifferentlyA new study highlights why we shouldn’t assume talk of biological gender differences is always a gateway to misogyny.
  10. self-affirmation
    Brain Scans Can Help Explain Why Self-Affirmation WorksSimply reflecting on what’s important to you seems to bolster your psychological defenses.
  11. jealousy
    When Jealousy and Empathy Collide in the BrainA brain-imaging study suggests that we don’t mind that much when people above us in a hierarchy are in pain.
  12. neuroscience
    Can Neuroscience Explain Why People Are Sexist?A Japanese study claims to have found the brain-scan imprint of misogynistic views.
  13. neuroscience
    How Food Porn Hijacks Your BrainMmm, sweet creamery butter.
  14. neuroscience
    Has the Age of Neuromarketing Finally Arrived?Get ready for debates about what is and isn’t an appropriate use of an fMRI machine.
  15. mental illness
    Drugs and Talk Therapy Affect the Brain in Different WaysAnd sometimes they offer complementary benefits, suggests a new study.
  16. head injuries
    Does Soccer Have a Brain-Trauma Problem?New evidence paints a troubling picture.
  17. neuroscience
    Does Reading Literature Really Beef Up Your Brain?A new study offers hints.
  18. gender
    Male, Female Brains Are Just a Little DifferentA classic nature-versus-nurture mystery.
  19. neuroscience
    The Neuroscience of Being a Selfish JerkBasic fairness apparently doesn’t come naturally to people with Machiavellian traits.
  20. Inside the Brains of Happily Married CouplesIt all comes down to how people react to good news …
  21. loneliness
    Lonely People’s Brains Work DifferentlyA finding that can help explain some self-perpetuating cycles.
  22. personality psychology
    Are You a Head Person or a Heart Person?It matters.
  23. neuroscience
    At a Neurological Level, Narcissists Are NeedyThey may act confident, but their brains don’t lie.
  24. sleep
    What’s Happening in Your Brain When You Can’t Stay AwakeIt produces hallucinatory B-movie footage, for one thing.
  25. How the Brains of ‘Super-Multitaskers’ Are DifferentThe benefits of having an efficient brain.
  26. eating
    Is Late-Night Snacking Really Your Brain’s Fault?Digging deeper into a new study.
  27. neurology
    How Watching Reality TV Might Help Bring Out the Best in UsUnderstanding the neurological roots of “vicarious embarrassment.”
  28. neurology
    Smiling Changes How You View the WorldEvidence from a new brain-scan study.
  29. the brain
    Pregnancy Doesn’t Actually Make Women DumberAnd the “baby brain” myth is likely contributing to prejudice against pregnant women.