1. The Most Excessive Celebrity Looks at Coachella▶️ Suede swimsuit and sweats, anyone?
  2. Hillary Is Out of the Woods and Swinging in Her Speech at Georgetown▶️ “Here I go again, mentioning research and studies and facts.”
  3. The Most Iconic Queen Bees in Pop Culture▶️ “That’s right. Rule, b****. But don’t forget who made you.”
  4. We Asked Celebs at the Met Gala About the Weirdest Things They’ve Ever WornVintage clown shoes.
  5. Americans Smile Much More Than People in Other Countries — Here’s Why▶️ Turns out, smiling isn’t universal.
  6. The Terrifying Anti-Abortion Bills Making Their Way Into State Legislatures▶️ The sheer number of them is scary enough.
  7. 3 Former Olympic Gymnasts Just Gave Chilling Public Accounts of Sexual Abuse▶️ More than 100 women have come forward to accuse a USA Gymnastics physician of sexual abuse.
  8. Watch a College Restage a Presidential Debate With Trump As a WomanThe results weren’t as clear-cut as you’d think.
  9. Watch a Moment-by-Moment Breakdown of That Toddler-Interrupted BBC InterviewToddlers don’t give a damn.
  10. What ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Looked Like in New York CityThousands rallied in Washington Square Park.
  11. Watch Underwater Footage of the Secret Life of Wild DolphinsNow we can see what they do when humans aren’t around.
  12. Watch a Video of the Floating Rosé Festival New York Is About to GetFeaturing “rosé popcorn.”
  13. WATCH: Porn Sites Are Getting Into the Sex-Education Game“What is a queef?”
  14. WATCH: This Woman Traced the History of Manspreading Back CenturiesAnd civilizations.
  15. WATCH: Lisa Frank Is Coming for Your Makeup KitYou may remember her designs from your third-grade school supplies.
  16. WATCH: There’s a Scientific Reason You Keep Mishearing That One Song LyricAll the “lonely Starbucks lovers,” where do they all come from?
  17. It’s Not Just You, Everyone’s Been Less Productive Since the ElectionA survey found that 29 percent of people said their productivity had tanked since the election.
  18. The Psychological Consequences of Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant SentimentUnsurprisingly, Trump supporters were those most likely to dehumanize Muslims.
  19. WATCH: Finally, Here’s the Truth About Double DippingThink twice.
  20. WATCH: The Myth of Asian-American Success and Institutionalized InvisibilityLook at the details, and the picture changes.
  21. Mothers and Daughters Marched Together at the Women’s March on Washington“I brought her to fight for herself.”
  22. This Woman’s Political Awakening Happened in the 1960s, and She’s Still Marching“I don’t get it, and I will endure. I will continue.”
  23. More Than 500,000 People Took to the Streets for the Women’s March on WashingtonVIDEO: It’s said to be one of the largest mass demonstrations in the history of the U.S.
  24. These Scientifically Soothing Videos Are Made to Calm Stressed PetsAnd they’re narrated by Doctor Who’s David Tennant.
  25. This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Get DrunkAdmit it, you’ve always wanted to know.
  26. This Common Misconception About the Brain Has Been Perpetuated by HollywoodFrom Lucy to Limitless.
  27. Humans May Be About to Wipe the World’s Smallest Porpoise Off the PlanetThey’ve seen a 40 percent decrease since 2014.
  28. This Feminist Kids’ Magazine Focuses on What Girls Are Really Interested InWhere was this when we were kids?
  29. Teddy Ruxpin Is Back From the ’80s to Haunt You in a Whole New CenturyCute, but creepy.
  30. It’s a Horrible, Cruel Idea to Ride ElephantsDon’t be fooled by all those glamorous old films.
  31. This Crazy Fact About Lawrence of Arabia Is a Prime Example of Hollywood SexismLet’s just say it doesn’t exactly pass the Bechdel test.
  32. original video
    Here’s Why Being a High Achiever in High School Doesn’t Mean You’ll Ace CollegeIt’s not just about smarts.
  33. Science Confirms What We Already Knew in Our Hearts About Guys With BeardsAlso, stubble.
  34. This Device Was Created to Help Prevent Parents From Leaving Kids in the CarIt happens more often than you’d like to think.
  35. This Tortoise Saved His Species From Extinction by Having Tons of SexGood guy, Diego. Good guy.
  36. This Paralympian Danced the Samba With a Robot While Wearing a 3-D-Printed DressBecause technology.
  37. This FDA-Approved Obesity Pump Actually Sucks Food Out of Your StomachAs you might imagine, there are lots of side effects.
  38. If You’ve Been Ending Your Texts With Periods, Everyone Thinks You’re a JerkTime to stop being awkward.
  39. Your Dog Probably Understands a Lot More Than You ThinkThere’s a scientific reason they’re our best friends.
  40. Actual Color Is Created Behind the Doors of the Pantone Color FactoryIt’s all very Willy Wonka–esque.
  41. This Yoga Teacher Has a Great Message for Her CriticsNo such thing as a “yoga body.”
  42. Why Not Hide This Elliptical Under Your Desk?Just pedal and type, pedal and type.
  43. The Future of Condoms Has Arrived, and It’s Covered in HexagonsThe idea is to make guys want to use them.
  44. 5 Moments From Simone Biles’s Past That Prove She Was Headed for GreatnessTiny Simone Biles could nail tumbling passes in her sleep.
  45. This Saddle Makes Carrying Kids Safer and EasierThey’re strapped in, and you’re blissfully hands-free. 
  46. Watching Bumblebees Run Into Things Is Oddly EndearingSame.
  47. This Woman Can Fit 4 Years of Her Trash Into a Mason JarShe only composts and recycles as a last resort.
  48. Pat McGrath’s Glittery Lip Kit Looks Beautiful and UncomfortableSorry, Kylie. There’s a new cult lip kit in town.
  49. This 18-Year-Old Swam for Her Life in Syria, And Now She’s Swimming in Rio“When my sister wants to encourage me, she tells me: Show them what a refugee will do.”
  50. The Pre–Hillary Clinton History of PantsuitsApparently, pantsuits used to refer to boys’ suits.
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